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Our Approach

 – Prashant Pandey

The Tradition

Yoga Practices

Relief from Hypertension & High Blood Pressure

Organize yourself towards relief from Hypertension & High Blood Pressure.

Group Yoga Session

We conduct classes for groups according to their age and need. The purpose of these sessions is to manage different disorders, improve & enhance overall health. Uplift the Pranic & Energy levels. Experience the peace and harmony.

Health Management Portfolio

The Anahat platform where different aspects of life are studied together. Explore how we balance one’s personal life, family life and social life by combining Yoga, Ayurveda and Astrology.

Managing Diabetes & High Blood Sugar

Help understand the existing condition. Find the root cause of the trouble. Create an opportunity to bring change towards healthy life through Yoga and its various components.

Personal Yoga Session

One-to-one Yoga session. Specific and targeted yogic practices as per the need and requirement of the practitioner. Experience the right state of body and mind. Direct yourself towards a positive attitude in life.

Astrological Consultancy

Astrological consultation is done by Mr. Prashant Pandey. Prashant is a certified Vedic Astrologer and life member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) with the degree of “Jyotish Praveen”. He is also well versed in ‘Krishnamurti Paddyati’ of Astrology that delivers a unique and precise way to read the chart.

Our Teachers

Prashant Pandey

Ruchira Pandey


Group Yoga Session

Health Management Portfolio

Aim of the program

  • Work on curative, preventive and promotive aspects of Yoga
  • To experience the benefits of Yoga as per the participant’s need & requirement.
  • To experience Yoga with its real purpose.
  • To deal and manage physical restrictions and issues.
  • To experience high immunity, stamina and will power.
  • To reduce stress levels
  • Experience peace of mind.

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