5 Common Misconceptions About THC-O

Cannabis has grown to be mainstream over the past few years, and hence it has been covered by innumerable myths. Many of these misconceptions have been busted, and the people also accept the truth across the globe. But with each passing day, a new misconception is coming up, which might cause concern. The usage of Cannabis has been legalized now, and hence products based on it are evolving. You now have a new product to try out that is THC-O Gummies. It is recently discovered and yet surrounded by plenty of myths. Hence keep reading to bust the most common myths regarding THC-O. 

Top 5 myths busted regarding THC-O:

1. Misconception: It is addictive: 

  • Myth Busted:

It is generally believed that THC-O isn’t an addictive compound as it is derived from CBD extract that belongs to hemp plants. It isn’t addictive physically and psychologically like other addictions. Studies have proved that almost 9% of people with heavy marijuana usage got addicted to it. Hence addiction to THC-O is possible only if you use it in the wrong manner. While you look at the ratio of people being addicted to other stuff like alcohol and cocaine, you will realize that it is less addictive than others. 

The growing popularity of THC-O is compelling more and more users to consume it. A survey found that about 8 million people in America are currently using Cannabis, and some have THC-O. About 72,000 people are at risk of getting addicted to it due to improper consumption while the same study says that when you use THC-O in measured amounts you are not likely to face addiction.  You can surely avoid the risk of addiction by consuming the correct dosage rather than randomly having it. 

2. Misconception: THC-O extreme side effects:

  • Myth Busted:

Some people believe it can cause extreme side effects. People fall prey to the myth that overdosing could be fatal or can induce life-taking symptoms. But this isn’t true.. But this doesn’t mean that it is safe for healthy people to overdose on THC-O, you have to consume it in lower amounts. 

With each passing day, legal vendors are selling precise and safe cannabis products, making it safer for people consuming them. However, it is very rare to overdose THC-O and hence extreme side effects are all about myth. 

3. Misconception: You can pass a drug test

  • Myth Busted:

You might be wrong if you think you can beat a drug test if you have used THC-O or that there exist plenty of remedies that claim to help you pass the drug test easily. But the sad truth is they don’t. Many people try drinking plenty of water, thinking that they could flush out THC-O. Also, sometimes they try to let it out through sweat. But this won’t be effective at all. And in case you are a regular user, THC will build up in your system and take longer to flush out. 


4. Misconception: THC-O depletes your creativity:

  • Myth Busted:

People often confuse that using any cannabis including THC-O can deplete creativity. It is said that marijuana and creativity are connected. Research has uncovered that creativeness is related to the mind’s front-facing projection, and that using THC-O increases cerebral blood flow (CBF) to this area, which makes it more helpful.

Even though there are numerous ways of estimating the creativity of a person, researchers evaluate it based on the number of various answers for an issue that an individual can concoct, otherwise called divergent thinking. Of course, it isn’t difficult to test disparate reasoning. Research notes that weed produces outcomes that can assist an individual with associating irrelevant ideas together, and that could end up being useful to certain individuals in their thinking. 

5. Misconception: It can cause brain damage: 

  • Myth Busted:

It is a myth that using THC-O can cause brain damage. It is just a misconception, and there is no scientific evidence to support it. A survey on heavy and minimal users proved THC-O is safer and does not cause brain damage.

A series of researches were conducted, and none of them observed any alterations in brain cells due to THC-O. THC can indeed lead to psychoactive effects, but that isn’t the logical reason to state any damage to brain cells. Instead, it has been proven that cannabis can be used to treat traumatic brain injury. It is one of the agents that has a therapeutic effect against TBI and can help deal with symptoms related to it.  



THC-O, a newly discovered cannabis, might be a good solution for many health issues but is surrounded by certain fallacies. The majority of them aren’t true, so you must not worry about it. All you need to ensure is that you consult your doctor or an expert before consuming THC-O. It is because consuming the correct dose is crucial.

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