Valant EMR vs Experity EMR: A Search For Affordable Mental Health Software

Behavioral health is a delicate medical specialty that deals with mental health conditions. There’s no room for even an ounce of misinterpretation by the psychiatrists. These crucial circumstances led to the conception of mental health-specific EHRs. It was a trivial attempt to support the medical decisions made by the care professionals dealing in this specialty. For psychiatrists, memorizing the medications and preventions for hundreds of mental diseases is not feasible. After all, they, too, are mere humans and have limits to their actions. 

In these circumstances, they root for behavioral health-specific solutions, especially Valant and Experity EHR. However, choosing these two isn’t just a random decision. Medical providers seek excellence in their clinical workflow, and Valant EMR and Experity EMR ensure streamlined workflow. However, both have certain elements of distinction and flaws. For that, we have compiled a Valant EMR vs Experity EMR comparison. The Valant EMR vs Experity EMR comparison will signify the winning aspects of both vendors so you can make an informed decision. 

Valant EMR:

Valant is a leading behavioral health platform and an integrated system for mental care practices. It is built this way to provide timely consultants to therapists and psychiatrists. Valant EMR effortlessly handles the billing cycle and administrative processes of the care organizations. This high-velocity EHR complies with changing healthcare regulations to cover on-demand care services. It deals with all the nuances of behavioral health for improving the patient experiences and thus the clinical revenues. 

Valant EMR Reviews:

Valant is the most productive mental care EMR and its reviews are a shred of evidence of that. The reviews of Valant EMR are about its exceptional feature range. The vendor is equipped with top-notch features, runs on an impressive interface, and prevents data loss. Adding to it, the Valant EMR reviews are about its unparalleled prescribing and non-prescribing service bundles. It’s a highly diverse solution that connects providers with the right payers to shape the revenue stream. Besides all this, reviews state that the assessment automation functionality of Valant EMR is a pro. 

There’s a downside too. The customer service lacks the proper expertise needed for immediate client assistance. The support team doesn’t even pick up calls in one go which is really frustrating. Other than that, there’s no major issue outlined in the Valant EMR reviews.  

Valant EMR Pricing:

Not only Valant EMR scores the reviews section, but it aces the pricing one too. This quality platform took the initiative for flexible pricing models. All the pricing plans of Valant EMR are tailor-made so as to fit the needs of all emerging and established behavioral health care centers. 

Valant is best known for creating fully customized bundles to the point of affordability with cost-friendly pricing bundles. The platform has hired specialists explicitly for understanding the needs of practices so it can craft plans accordingly. They discuss client queries, share pricing details, and much more over calls. This way the clients can even ask cross-questions. 

Experity EMR:

Experity EMR is a tech-enabled primary care system. Experity is the central hub for clients seeking an integrated EMR platform. It may not be built for mental health care centers from the ground up but has expanded its operations in the behavioral health field. Ths operating system supports seamless expansion into multiple specialties and is now considered a flawless one in the mental health category. Its enhanced patient-engaging offerings, in-clinic services, and tracking board are there to let practitioners work at ease. 

Experity EMR Reviews:

In the reviews, Experity EMR is labeled as an all-rounder solution. It gets to the roots of problems to nurture a smooth workflow by erasing them down. Also, as per the reviews, Experity EMR perfectly handles the specialty-specific needs of mental health practices. In the client’s view, it results in faster door-to-door time with improved accuracy in treatment plans. Moreover, the reviews are all about how experity is a resourceful EMR. It offers a diverse feature range, HIPAA compliance, and a content library for the provider’s assistance. 

The downside is it adapts to urgent care industry changes faster than that of behavioral health. Providers get to use the upgraded functionalities but with some delay. Experity must also stay ahead of the mental health trends so psychiatrists can work at the top of their game. 

Experity EMR Pricing:

Like Valant, Experity EMR also does not reveal its pricing bundles for the general public. There’s only one way to get the pricing details, and that’s by sending a request to Experity EMR. From the clinicians’ perspective, Experity EMR is a bit overcharged when it comes to the pricing packages. Even though it offers on-demand care services, pricing bundles should be created keeping the user’s budget in mind. According to our expert assessment, small practices can’t afford Experity EMR as it is priced out of their budget. As for mid and large-sized practices, it is a cost-effective platform full of innovative and integrated functionalities.

Who’s the Winner?

The crux of this Valant EMR vs Experity EMR lies with your clinical requirements. We mean here that if you are running just a mental care clinic, then Valant is your way forward. But if you are rooting for expansion in care services, Valant can be a hindrance. It is because this care platform expands just in mental health services. But Experity is nothing like that. It emerged as an urgent care-specific platform but continued expanding its services to other areas of specialty. 

Today it has earned an unparalleled position in the behavioral care market and is still striving for ways to upgrade its services to another level. In simple words, this Valant EMR vs Experity EMR guide is about looking forward to scalability with implementing the best suitable platform. So, assess your needs and make a potent decision accordingly. If you feel like something is missing, schedule a demo with Expeity EMR and Valant EMR. The demo tutorials of Valant EMR and Experity EMR will offer you a way to explore their services in real-time.

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