What Gym Equipment Can You Buy for Weight Loss?

Whether you’re losing weight to live a healthier life or to stay fit, working out helps you hasten the process of weight loss. Many often opt for a quick jog or brisk walk, but those looking for something new can improve their routine with good exercise equipment. 

These machines can help you to lose weight effectively, and integrating them would only allow you to get your desired result quicker—and in the comfort of your own home, too. But with so much equipment available nowadays, how do you know which one can benefit your fitness goals?

Hence, if you’re wondering what gym equipment to get, here are five exercise machines you should check out.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is a piece of good exercise equipment that can effectively help you lose weight. Its function requires using the upper and lower body to make it work for you. This equipment targets your whole body, and aside from losing weight, it also helps strengthen and tone your muscles.

The rowing action will take 25-35% of your upper body and 65-75% as a leg workout. Incorporating a rowing machine into your exercise regime can be an excellent fat-loss program and can help your body wholly. And to know your options, check out various fitness enthusiasts’ top picks for rowing machines. Many of them have blogs you can use as references.

And these blogs don’t end on rowing machine recommendations alone. Some even provide workout routines you can do with the equipment, like Row to Hell by Bobby Maximus

The whole concept of Row to Hell is to rest as much as you row, meaning your rowing and resting time should match so your body can recover every resting time. But this routine requires a partner. Both of you will use a single rowing machine, taking turns with each other. This workout allows you to power row and work explosively after every break.


The American Council on Exercise stated that when a 180-pound person runs, they could burn up to 17 calories a minute. Undoubtedly, consistent running and a proper workout can help you lose weight. 

If you want to run to burn those extra calories, maybe a treadmill is the best exercise equipment. The treadmill is a staple exercise machine that’s extremely popular with people who want to lose weight. If jogging outdoors isn’t your thing, but you still want to exercise this way, the treadmill is an excellent indoor alternative. You can easily reach 1,000 steps with the help of this machine.

You can even take things to another level by purchasing a treadmill with an incline, helping you improve your workout and burn more calories. Adding an incline can now help you easily lose 484 calories.

And if you’re bored with just running, you can try the side-stepping treadmill workout, which combines running and walking with side shuffles.

Stationary Bicycle

Riding a bicycle is a good way to burn fat and strengthen cardio. As an indoor alternative, a stationary bike, commonly known as an exercise bicycle, is a good way for people who want to try cycling but prefer to work out at home. 

A 125-pound person will need to at least cycle around 5 and 1/2 to 8 and ½ hours per week. However, a person can burn 40-80 calories in 10 minutes with a stationary bicycle. Still, it will depend on the length of exercise, rest, weight, and intensity.

For a weight loss routine, you can focus on your bicycle sprinting. You can start by warming up at a speedy pace for five minutes. Then, slowly increase your speed, begin hard pacing for 30 seconds, and adjust to a medium pace for 30 seconds. Finally, change to an easy rate for 60 seconds. You can repeat this for as long as you want and even upgrade the time.


The elliptical machine helps in improving the heart and burns calories, which makes it a great weight loss machine. It’s also a low-impact activity, so you won’t have to worry about your knees. Hence, if you have arthritis or joint pain, you can use this equipment as an alternative to running.

Remember that when you’re training with an elliptical machine, you must maintain a good posture with your shoulders, back, and head. Keep your abdominal muscles tight and refrain from looking down on your feet. Look straight ahead when using the machine. Also, don’t lean on the machine’s handle and let your lower body support your weight.

And to improve your elliptical workout, slowly adjust the incline every two minutes.

Stair Climber Machine

Another stationary fitness equipment that you should look into is the stair climber machine. As its name suggests, the stair climber machine works like climbing stairs. It has a constant step rotation where you can adjust the duration and speed to fit you. 

Working out on a stair climber can quickly help you lose 180 to 260 calories, depending on your weight and the exercise’s intensity. A faster climbing also increases the power of the workout. Moreover, you can easily streamline the stair climber equipment for your workout session and upgrade your routine effectively.

An effective stair climbing exercise involves climbing the stairs in controlled pacings. The first minute should at least be at a moderate speed. Then, change to backward climb for a minute. Keep a slow pace and hold to the handles to avoid injury. After that, shift to the side step for another minute. Later on, transition to a 30-second fast climb. You can also change the time and revise it to your own will.

Final Thoughts

While working out with all the listed equipment, keep in mind that you’ll need consistency and self-discipline. Nothing works just like magic, and it will require effort and persistence. So, before starting your workout, you should also be prepared yourself. Nonetheless, with these machines, you can expect better results.

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