Sunderban Yoga Studio (Group Class)

Sunderban Yoga Studio is a part of Sunderban Resort & Spa at Koregaon Park, Pune which is surrounded by greenery & positive vibes. It has been dedicated for traditional Yoga with the purpose of benefitting the people for physical health & ailments, mental distress and also for spiritual seekers.
Sunderban Yoga Studio, Pune is a great location for Yoga lovers as well as those who are in trouble and suffering whether on physical or mental level. The kind of packages, practices, capsules and techniques that we introduce, allows a Yoga practitioner to open up, and let the purification of body and mind take place.
Prashant Pandey and Ruchira Pandey are there as Yoga Teachers, Therapists & Consultants. They have profound and vast teaching experience of 22+ years with various groups & individuals in Pune and in the country. They are also working as Yoga Therapists in Jehangir Hospital, IT Companies and Educational Institutions and are dedicated to spread the message of YOGA.

Evening Batch (3 Days)
Days: – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Timings: – 5.00 – 6.00 PM (Evening)

Venue : Sunderban Resort & Spa, Lane 1, Next to Osho Commune, Koregaon Park, Pune 1
For details, please contact:-
+91-8698242607 +91-9766375479



Spreading Dimensions & Awareness of Yoga

Jjh-logo2588ehangir Hospital, in it’s logo says: “WE ADD CARE”, which I immediately liked. In our usual talk we say- “We take Care” or “We Care”! 

But when an institution such as Hospital which in itself is a place where care is taken, says “We add Care”, it certainly means that they emphasize on this extra element of empathy to their regular services. 

On 72nd Founder’s Day of Jehangir Hospital (6.2.2017), I heard a very inspiring sentence from one of the Reverend Trustee Speakers: “Mind has different aspects, but it is true that we all have Mind. It is possible to control our Mind and train it in a particular manner. It is necessary to inculcate this to become a better worker, employee, a better human.”

And this is what we, as Yoga Teachers, are doing in the Hospital. As a person grows up with a particular mannerism, thoughts or personality, it becomes difficult to change a habit or thinking pattern at conscious level. Too much of effort  is required without any guarantee of success.

YOGANIDRA has the sure solution. I’ve known people who quit chain-smoking with just one single practice of Yoganidra, which would not have been possible otherwise. Yoga Nidra helps tremendously to those who have the inner intensity to change a habit or thinking pattern for the upliftment in life.This amazing practice quietens the body-mind complex within few minutes, allows the awareness to enter the subconscious arena, and here an auto suggestion is given, which effortlessly lets the change take place in the practitioner.

We are also using VISUALISATION  in Yoganidra which opens all dormant faculties of mind, and gives way to discover our inner potential, which in day-to-day life we simply tend to loose or the least, forget. 

Visualisation is a very powerful section in which the inner layers of mind get activated and start to concentrate spontaneously on the aspired subject giving out great positive results.

The groups of Hospital Staff that are attending sessions already report good changes, and as this positive individual energy grows into group energy, collective outcomes would show & shine.

20170211_212729Ruchira Pandey

Yoga Teacher & Therapist


Yoga Nidra and Negativity

Hari Om

We are now on the verge of entering a new year. Since childhood, I think, many of us, fix a goal or take a resolution for New Year in order to experience happiness and fulfilment in our life. With this perspective, I am sharing a satsang of Swami Satyananda Saraswati which may help us.

Yoga Nidra and Negativity

Negative thoughts are nothing unnatural to the mind. In fact, when negative thoughts come to you, it is a very positive sign. Where do negative thoughts come from? They come from within you. This means that in your consciousness, there is some negative stuff. If you feel like vomiting sometimes, what does it mean? It only means that there is fermented acidity within your system. Should it come out or should it not? From a health point of view, I would say that it should. Toxins should be eliminated whether they are in the body, mind or emotions. images (2)

Therefore, during the practice of Yoga Nidra, if negative thoughts come, don’t let them disturb you. Give them a free passage. If you allow them free expression, at first your Yoga Nidra practice may not appear to be successful, but after some time, the negative thoughts and all turbulence will automatically cease and tranquillity will prevail.

The greatest tragedy of man is that he doesn’t know how to deal with his negative thoughts. In fact, the mistake is with religions. They have not dealt with man’s problem in a scientific manner. Instead, they have said, ‘Don’t think like that. Don’t do this. Don’t agree with that.’ This is dictatorial ordinance. Man and the society cannot be rectified by dictatorship; there must be a very systematic and scientific approach.

If in your country there are 40,000 criminals and you spot them out and kill them all, do you think that would eliminate criminality? No, criminality is an ever growing process. Likewise, negativity is also an ever growing process. Therefore, you have to develop understanding and a very positive attitude.

Who think negative thoughts? And who makes a sankalpa (resolution)? The same mind, the same you. One minute you make a positive sankalpa, then your mind thinks something negative and you try to eliminate that thought. So you are fighting with yourself; you are creating animosity between yourself and yourself. This means you are causing a split in your personality. There should be no friction or conflict, and there should not be any animosity or dissension in your personality. There must be harmony. If you have two sons and one is a good boy and the other is bad, what do you do? You love both. You feel both and you consider both as your children. You don’t shoot the bad boy. So, like this the mind has two vrittis.

Now, in his Raja Yoga sutras, Pantanjali says the vrittis of the mind should be controlled. How can you do this? By having a break system, just like you have in a car. You don’t use the break all the time. It is only necessary when the car is about to collide. Likewise, you must check your thoughts when they are going to create an accident in life. Often the thoughts are merely fantasies or imaginations. They are called innocent negative thoughts. Now, why do you fight with these innocent and harmless thoughts? If your car is travelling smoothly and there is no red light and there is no chance of collision, why do you apply the break? If you keep using the break indiscriminately when you’re travelling at a fast speed, you’re bound to overturn car one day.

Therefore, in Yoga Nidra, or in any spiritual practice, or even in your day to day life, you have to discriminate between the harmless negative thoughts and the potentially dangerous thoughts. If the thoughts are harmless, let them come, because you are only eliminating your emotional toxins and unburdening the subconscious mind. Even if you don’t want to do it, nature will enforce it. The process of dream is a natural means of elimination. If our dreams were suppressed we would go mad. Dreams are very important and healthy channels for elimination and expression of the subconscious. And so are fantasies.

Do you know what fantasy is? It is the mind in dreams. You are able to fly and you visit the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. You become a multimillionaire or billionaire, a president or prime minister, an eminent ballerina or Miss Universe. Such fantasies are very important for the growth of human mind, and they should not be checked, even during meditation. You must remember this point. You might get fed up with your thoughts and fantasies and say, ‘I can’t meditate. Every time I try, my mind flies.’ However, all the wise men have said that fantasy is very important for the growth of human consciousness.

Now, there are negative fantasies like killing someone, committing a sexual assault, cheating or stealing, taking revenge on someone or trying to kill oneself. Such thoughts come to everybody some time or other. Sometimes they come gradually and steadily, and at other time they come suddenly. In some people they come early in life, whereas in others they come with maturity. If you supress them, they will come during middle age. Often, people over the age of 45 have a sudden explosion of these negative thoughts.

However, I have come to a conclusion about negative thoughts. It is best not to interfere with nature’s process. Completely forget what religions have said. If you are practising Yoga Nidra and suddenly there is an upsurge of negative thoughts, don’t be disturbed. Continue, day after day, week after week and month after month. Surely they will come to an end, and finally you will succeed in your practice.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Yoga Nidra – A boon of Bihar Yoga

YogaNidra_VickiHansen Yoga Nidra is one of the easiest practice done in Savasana (lying posture), which can be widely applied in the modern world to improve the quality and happiness of human life.
• Yoga Nidra is the best and most permanent method of inducing deep relaxation of the entire human structure and personality.
• It is a meditative technique which acts directly in eradicating deep rooted psychological complexes, neurosis, inhibitions, etc. It is an advanced psychiatric tool.
• Yoga Nidra induces and improves pattern of sleep. It is a non-chemical tranquilizer that quickly removes insomnia.
• Yoga Nidra opens up the potential of the mind and also awakens the faculty of intuition.
• Physio-psychological rejuvenation of the entire human organism can be brought about by Yoga Nidra.

‘Patient First’ project in Jehangir Hospital, Pune

Jehangir Hospital, Pune is one of the first Nursing setup in the city, with 70 years of serving the society. This Hospital offers quality patient care, excellent medical care, effective nursing care and a humane approach in rendering patient care.

Jehangir Hospital (JH) has always emphasized on quality care. In regard to this, the wonderful project of “Patient First” began, as per the Vision and guidelines of Sir Jehangir & Lady Jehangir! The project is taking a concrete shape with the whole Hospital Staffs’ efforts and everyone playing their part very efficiently. “Patient First” has proudly finished one year of consistent movement.

Yoganidra is one of the most important part of the project “Patient First”. We (Prashant and Ruchira) have been given the responsibility of taking charge of Yoganidra and other deeper subconscious aspects.  We are constantly working on it, as each day passes by. When Yoganidra started for the STAFF in JH, we concentrated more on letting the participants experience the practice – simply going with the instructions, understanding the language and just getting used to following the voice of the instructor. This first phase of Yoganidra brought wonderful results among the practitioners. Their Head -In-charges started reporting about improved working efficiency, much better coordination amongst the staff, reduction in irritation among colleagues, and raised discipline.

In the second phase, with the help of Quality and HR team headed by Dr. Shalaka Sawant and Mr. Akesh Agrey respectively, the staff was shown a visual video clip of the expected activity in relation to the patients maintaining the right attitude, coordination and proper patient care. After the visual clip observation, the group went for Yoganidra and were given the same scene visualisation. This again produced good results (The staff is constantly given practice-drill in the Hospital, time-to-time by the Quality and HR team on Conscious level. Yoganidra works & help them on Subconscious feed and Unconscious improvements).

Now, in the third phase, we have started working on Noise Reduction at subconscious level. This we are doing in 2 stages: First, before the session begins, we explain the specific kind of practice they would do- the importance and necessity of Low Noise. Second, they are given the practical session of Yoganidra.

During Yoganidra, we use and give different inputs of Breath Awareness, Colours, Shapes, Forming of Mandalas, experiencing calmness, peaceful, serene in their respective work area, in between family members, amongst colleagues, in a quiet beautiful garden, by seaside/riverside, and many more.

It’s noticeable that now the practitioners are mostly awake & aware during the whole practice, as compared to sometime back when most of them fell asleep. The Staff enjoy coming for Yoganidra sessions. We make sure to tell them a few Asanas too, which they can follow at home without any difficulty.

We also cover In-patients from all various wards of Jehangir Hospital. In-patients are given relaxation practice on their respective beds without disturbing their space and comfort level. We council them on their daily practices, Right & Positive attitude awareness, and correct lifestyle with proper diet. We suggest In-patients according to their constitution, the medical issue they are facing and selection of things as per their nature.

We feel privileged to be a part of the project “Patient First” which has the philosophy and practical implementation for helping people and society.

Thank You.


Ruchira Pandey

(Yoga Therapist)



Health Management Portfolio for Hotels & Spa

Hotel industry is a place where the management aims to provide the best services to the guest, who comes to stay in the hotel. According to the capacity and services, hotels are rated 5 star, 4 star and so forth. The hotel management provides their best services to the guests to keep up their hotel’s reputation high in order to maintain, establish and improve their business. When the guests are treated well, they (guests) feel happy and satisfied, come again to the same hotel as and when required.

According to me, the services provided by the management of hotels, is mostly for physical comfort of the guests, which definitely gives mental satisfaction but satisfaction is on a superficial level which does not bring any major or lasting change from within.

If the services given by the hotel management, include few important aspects, it will not only bring about physical satisfaction but also mental and emotional satisfaction within the guest. The guest will experience a positive change within themselves and their stay in the hotel will bring to their life a different perspective which will give a glimpse of moving towards positivity and good health. If we see from psychological perspective, then, the guest or the group will always give their choice to the same hotel as and when required because the higher level of satisfaction took place in their mind in the premises of that hotel.

Keeping these aspects in mind, I have developed a program called HEALTH MANAGEMENT PORTFOLIO (HMP). The objective of this program is to understand the nature and personality trait of a person through Astrology and plan a suitable and personalized Yoga program for him by keeping every observation in mind.

In most of us, there is a tendency that when we report about our health, we usually talk only about physical discomfort or illnesses. Mostly, people try to avoid or hide to discuss about their mental framework and conditionings. Many of us are even totally unaware about the emotional injuries which Yogis have found the root cause for many disease.

These type of limitations can be overcome smoothly by HEALTH MANAGEMENT PORTFOLIO (HMP). A beautiful and the convenient part of this program is, that all the important aspects of one’s personality can be known without much discussion and accordingly a very specific Yoga program can be constructed for the individual. A proper Yoga practice is that when we work on the subtle aspect of our nature.

This Health Management Portfolio is applicable most effectively where one to one Yoga session is possible. I see an opportunity for hotel industry to improve their connectivity with the guests by offering HMP program. I’m sure, Health Management Portfolio is going to play a very important role in achieving the inner strength and good health for your guests.


Thanks & Regards



* If you want to move further with this program, I can forward my resume and we can sit for program details.

Please contact :

Prashant Pandey         +91-8698242607

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Yoga Nidra – A Boon of Bihar Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra is a practice of relaxation and can defined as ‘yogic sleep’.
  • Yoga Nidra is a practice which can be widely applied to improve the quality and happiness of human life.
  • The evils of day to day life are deposited in subconscious mind. Just as our home cleaning, we must remove the samskaras, the mental dirt that accumulates daily in our subconscious. Yoga Nidra perform this essential service for us, removing our mental stress and clearing the way to spiritual progress.
  • Yoga Nidra acts directly in eradicating deep rooted psychological complexes, neurosis, inhibitions, etc. it is an advanced psychiatric tool.ion
  • Yoga Nidra helps to remove vast number of ailments that are predominantly mental in cause such as high blood pressure.
  • Yoga Nidra induces and improves deep sleep. It is a non-chemical tranquilizer that quickly removes insomnia.
  • Physio-psychological rejuvenation of the entire human organism can be brought about by Yoga Nidra. The physical, pranic and mental levels of man are directly recharged.
  • Yoga Nidra opens up the potential of the mind and also awakens the faculty of intuition.
  • Yoga Nidra is a profound educational tool that is being investigated and tested in various parts of the world. It has been found to bring extraordinary improvements in both the absorption and retention of information from external sources as well as the tapping of knowledge within one’s own mind. It heightens intelligence in all meanings of the word.