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Jjh-logo2588ehangir Hospital, in it’s logo says: “WE ADD CARE”, which I immediately liked. In our usual talk we say- “We take Care” or “We Care”! 

But when an institution such as Hospital which in itself is a place where care is taken, says “We add Care”, it certainly means that they emphasize on this extra element of empathy to their regular services. 

On 72nd Founder’s Day of Jehangir Hospital (6.2.2017), I heard a very inspiring sentence from one of the Reverend Trustee Speakers: “Mind has different aspects, but it is true that we all have Mind. It is possible to control our Mind and train it in a particular manner. It is necessary to inculcate this to become a better worker, employee, a better human.”

And this is what we, as Yoga Teachers, are doing in the Hospital. As a person grows up with a particular mannerism, thoughts or personality, it becomes difficult to change a habit or thinking pattern at conscious level. Too much of effort  is required without any guarantee of success.

YOGANIDRA has the sure solution. I’ve known people who quit chain-smoking with just one single practice of Yoganidra, which would not have been possible otherwise. Yoga Nidra helps tremendously to those who have the inner intensity to change a habit or thinking pattern for the upliftment in life.This amazing practice quietens the body-mind complex within few minutes, allows the awareness to enter the subconscious arena, and here an auto suggestion is given, which effortlessly lets the change take place in the practitioner.

We are also using VISUALISATION  in Yoganidra which opens all dormant faculties of mind, and gives way to discover our inner potential, which in day-to-day life we simply tend to loose or the least, forget. 

Visualisation is a very powerful section in which the inner layers of mind get activated and start to concentrate spontaneously on the aspired subject giving out great positive results.

The groups of Hospital Staff that are attending sessions already report good changes, and as this positive individual energy grows into group energy, collective outcomes would show & shine.

20170211_212729Ruchira Pandey

Yoga Teacher & Therapist


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