Sayings of Paramhamsaji-Non attachment

Q:- Could you please amplify, that a little further, for instance, taking the statement from the Bhagvad Gita. “Do thou action for theimages (9) sake of action, not for the results of the action.”

Sw. Satyananda Saraswati: – Yes, usually when we do anything in this world, we do achieve results, positive, negative or mixed. They are always there, however, it is the negative results which influence our minds. If we get good result, it is alright. But we never get only positive results; the results are always mixed or negative. Therefore, the mind is greatly influenced by the negative aspect of results.

You have to reap the results anyways, but what you must do is make the mind so strong, so well attended, and at the same time so powerful, that the influence is not felt by the mind. You are not shaken. It is said in the Gita, “You should do your duty but do not be attached, do not be influenced by the results of the action.”

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  1. Abhijit

    Absolutely correct explanation. Agreed. Thanks for all this good work. Please keep up the same.

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