Prayer opens the path of yoga

The saints always advocate about the importance of Prayer. Whenever prayer is done with true feeling and connection, then, help comes from divine and someone becomes the medium. It so happened with this gentle lady who was not keeping well and was on the verge of surgery. One fine morning, with too much sadness, stress and disappointment, she prayed to her God wholeheartedly to show her the light and guide to the right path. After her prayer, she picked up the newspaper and one leaflet fell down from the newspaper. She took the leaflet and read it. It was for a Yoga class which was being conducted near her home. After reading the leaflet in the morning, she joined Yoga session at 11.00 am on the same day and from there, the change took in her life, which transformed her. Today she is a very sincere yoga practitioner.

I am sharing the feedback of her journey towards health under the shelter of yoga and by the strength of her true prayer to Almighty.

“Hello, Om Shanti!

I am Rajeshree Patil. I am 63 years old. This month, I completed one year of my yoga class. I want to share my experience of yoga effect. One year ago, I used to do yogasanas while watching TV but something happened in my life.

In Dec.2016, I started to feel irregular heart-beats. For few days, I took rest, I tried my best to stop it but I could not. Then I went to my family doctor. He examined me, gave medicines and told me to come after one week. I took those medicines but the problem was same. I went to my doctor. My doctor sent me to Cardiologist.

The Cardiologist monitored my chest for 72 hours {halter test} and the report was horrible. At some points my heart beat was 186 per minute. Doctor sent me to Ruby Hall Clinic to do other tests, like 2D Eco etc. Then I collected all reports and went to visit my Cardiologist. He suggested me to undergo a pace-maker surgery. I was devastated but I was determined not to undergo surgery and was finding a more healthy and safe option considering my age.

During this period, I noticed a pamphlet regarding yoga class which was being conducted at Sunderban Yoga Studio under the guidance of Shri Prashant Pandey Sir and Smt. Ruchira Pandey Ma’am. From 1st Feb 2017, I started attending the class. Right from 1st week, I started to see improvements in my condition. Within a few weeks all my medical conditions were successfully solved and I started to feel young and healthy again. It felt as if I was given another chance in life to enjoy and live to my best. After six months, I decided to check myself and evaluate the situation. The report simply surprised me. The heart beat condition was absolutely in control and in normal phase. The bonus I got was that my cholesterol levels too had decreased and my haemoglobin, vitamin B-12 and D-3 levels had increased.

Last month (In January 2018), I did a full body check-up and everything, means everything, was reported healthy and there were no hiccups whatsoever. I owe all of this success which I achieved within a year due to Pandey Sir’s method and way of understanding this amazing and spiritual yoga class. I literally mean it when I say I owe him this healthy life.


I believe that no journey of a student is complete without a teacher or mentor. I am very grateful to my destiny and perhaps feel lucky that I happened to meet this spiritual and wonderful person as my yoga teacher. A day does not go by when I don’t thank him with all my heart for entering my life and making it better, and I am sure that he will help make it best. Thank you very much Sir for helping, nurturing and elevating my yoga experience. Thanks a lot Sir!”


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  1. bhakti Vaghle

    Great ……one should experience such journey of yoga once in life….thank you sir for sharing….

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