Pranayama & Meditation Session

zen-bali-wellnessAims & Objectives

Pranayama serves as a basis for many types of meditation. It is used within the practices themselves; it prepares the aspirant’s body and mind for the safe and successful practice of meditation, and it serves as a system for introverting the mind prior to sitting for meditation. It is of the utmost importance.

The aim of Pranayama – control over the flow of prana, which is intimately related to the breathing process. Pranayama is extremely useful in encouraging the appearance of clear mental images which remain visible for longer periods of time. This is caused by redistributing of prana in the body, which renders the mind more able to perceive and control the image.

One can meditate without doing pranayama, but regular practice of pranayama is a great help in achieving success in meditation.

After the practice of pranayama, such a meditative state of mind is experienced, where only thing required is, to connect one’s awareness to the suitable technique of meditation, in order to experience the purpose of meditation.

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