Personal Yoga Sessions

We conduct classes for groups according to their age and need. The purpose of these sessions is to manage different disorders, improve & enhance overall health, upliftment of pranic & energy levels and to experience peace and harmony. Group sessions create specific energy levels which influence synchronicity at both individual and group level.

Prashant Pandey and Ruchira Pandey are the Yoga Teachers, Therapists & Consultants who conducts personal yoga session either at individual’s residence, Sunderban Yoga Studio or convenient locations. They have profound and vast teaching experience of 22+ years with various groups & individuals in Pune and in the country. They are also working as Yoga Therapists in Jehangir Hospital, IT Companies and Educational Institutions and are dedicated to spread the message of YOGA.

 For details, please contact:-

+91-8698242607 +91-9766375479