Our Approach

Anahat is an integral approach of life. Anahat is our emotional centre. Here, all kinds of emotions flow, can be experienced and thus, Anahat is the most sensitive space in the human body, also containing the precious HEART in it. In Anahat, we bring an approach of healthy life as told by our sages, seers and enlightened Gurus.

We come across many people who seem to be unaware of various body parts, different organs and their placement in the body. So first we become aware of systems and functions of physical body, explore mental realm, get acquainted to the emotional and psychological aspects and finally the real meaning of spiritualism unfold.

For this, we integrate three ancient sciences:


Yoga is a science and philosophy which talks about the methods to end the suffering and explore our genius within.  The beauty of Yoga is that it is nothing but contemplation and worship of human life. After exploring our nature and personality, and enhancing the faculties and qualities inherent within, we are ready to appreciate the beauty that life holds for us.



Science of Astrology starts out with an examination of our physical health concerns, but then extends to all the main factors of our well-being – career, relationship, creativity and spirituality. Sometimes, we do come to a point in life where the next moment seems dark. Deep within, we know, we have to move forward but it seems so dark that it becomes difficult to place our step further. Astrology comes in here with the help to accept the past & present, unveil & enter the future with confidence.



Ayurveda being one of the ancient therapies, helps an individual to know their inherent Prakriti & Vikriti (constitution), the Doshas (flaws) and their remedies through Yoga, Meditation & Medicine.

When the science of Yoga, Ayurveda & Astrology combines in our life, then we get the clarity to see the right path for us and gather the strength to follow and move on it.  By integrating these three sciences, we come to know about our strengths and weaknesses. We work on strengthening our strengths and overcome the weaknesses, which result in bringing the equilibrium and harmony in life and brings an amazing balance in one’s life, as one leads to other, rather one merges into the other by various techniques of daily practice programs.