Opening of Senior Citizen’s Yoga Class on International Yoga Day

Our elders have always been a true source of inspiration for us, suggesting the right path when we are in distress. They provide us with hope of future, they being the previous generation with all the experience of life.

Respecting their role in our life, we are starting a special Yoga Class, which is dedicated to All Senior Citizens of Pune.

By the time elders cross the age of 60 years, their physical and mental body starts demanding medical attention. Along with medical help, when Senior Citizens start practicing Yoga, they will benefit themselves on 3 major aspects:-

  1. Recovery becomes fast.
  2. Yoga helps harmonise all the systems in the body, improves and enhances functioning of immune system which helps fight diseases, thus preventing ill health.
  3. With any pre-existing medical condition, Yoga allows a calm and stable mental state.

Thus practicing Yoga works on curative, preventive and promotive levels.

Yoga believes medication and meditation go hand-in-hand. So, continue with medicines and practice Yoga. This will rejuvenate body, energize mind and improve other areas of day-to-day life.

A hearty request to all Senior Citizens of Pune for maximum participation.


Session Timings: 5.30 –6.30 PM, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Venue: Sunderban Resort & Spa, 19, Koregaon Park, next to Osho Commune, Pune- 411001


(Yoga Teacher, Consultant & Astrologer)

Mob: +91 86982 42607 / 97663 75479

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