Online Yoga Class

Online Yoga Class

Aim of the session: –

In these difficult times of CoViD-19, instead of living in constant fear and insecurity, we all need to put an effort to strengthen our body system (especially the functioning of the lungs and Respiratory system), and regularly destress the mind. For that, what better than to join an Online Yoga class while remaining safe at Home. This yoga session will comprise of asana, breathing techniques, pranayama, relaxation and meditation.

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Three days every week)

Time: 5.00 PM – 5.45 PM, Indian Standard Time (IST)

Fee: Rs.150/- per session

About the Teacher: –

Prashant Pandey is a Yoga Teacher & Astrologer. He has profound and vast teaching experience of 25+ years with various groups & individuals in Pune and in the country, and is dedicated to spread the message of Yoga.

To know more about Mr. Prashant Pandey, please click the link-

Guidelines: –

1. Please spread a Yoga mat or blanket on floor for Yoga practices, and keep yourself visible on your camera.

2. If you are unable to sit on floor, please make space on a couch or bed, and some space for standing practices on floor.

3. Please wear loose and comfortable clothes for practices.

4. Remember to have Lunch latest by 2:00 PM , so as to maintain a 3-hour gap from practice sessions.

5. The online session will take place on “Cisco Webex Meetings” App. You can download the app on your mobile phones or  computer/laptop.

*** We are starting the session from 4th May 2020, Monday

***For registration to online yoga class, please send your confirmation on +91-8698242607. After receiving the confirmation, we will update you regarding the class link and payment process.

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