Prashant Pandey


  • Prashant Pandey is an accomplished Yoga Teacher and Therapist by profession with experience of more than 20 years successfully teaching and conducting Yoga classes and courses across India.
  • He was introduced to practical Yoga in 1991 through a Health Management Course conducted by Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, Bihar.
  • He had the opportunity to lead Ashram and Yogic Lifestyle at Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, Bihar for over 10 years (1995–2005) under the surveillant vision of his Guru Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, the Chief Patron of Bihar School of Yoga and Chancellor of Bihar Yoga Bharati, Munger, Bihar.
  • He has unique abilities to understand physical, mental and emotional needs of a person or a group and then meticulously go about structuring practice sessions accordingly.
  • He has gained deep insights into human behavior, stress, anxiety, diseases and their remedy/management through years of experience teaching and conducting Yoga sessions for general practitioners, students, jail inmates, government employees, Army officers & soldiers, Sports Professionals, High risk professionals, Medical Doctors and patients.
  • Each set of practitioners have specific needs for their mind, body and emotions. Prashant takes a holistic approach to tackling all these needs and designs a course that relaxes their body, mind and emotions and create deep impact at all levels.

About the tradition:

Prashant Pandey belongs to the Bihar Yoga/Satyananda Yoga tradition as propagated by Bihar School of Yoga and Bihar Yoga Bharati. Bihar Yoga is a rich tradition of yogic/spiritual knowledge, practical experience and scientific research.

Satyananda Yoga tradition incorporates ancient practices from Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. The emphasis is on awareness while practicing Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Pratyahara, Meditation, Chanting and Kriyas. This tradition and teaching methodology have focused classical yoga practices to establish harmony between body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Bihar School of Yoga (BSY) is a charitable and educational institution founded by Swami Satyananda Saraswati at Munger, Bihar in 1963, with the aim of imparting yogic training to all nationalities and to provide a focal point for a mass return to the ancient science of Yoga. The Chief Patron of BSY is Swami Niranjananda Saraswati. BSY provides training to Sannyasins and Teachers for conducting Yoga Conventions, Seminars, Health Management Courses and Lectures throughout the country and around the world.

Bihar Yoga Bharati (BYB) was founded by Swami Niranjananda Saraswati in 1994 as an educational and charitable institution for advanced studies in Yogic sciences. BYB is the first accredited institution wholly devoted to teaching and experiencing Yoga.


  • Hatha Yoga: Shatkarmas, Asanas-Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced group
  • Traditional Surya Namaskar
  • Pranayama: Pre-Pranayama practices, Balancing, Vitalizing, Cooling and Tranquilizing practices
  • Mudras: Hasta, Mana, Kaya and Adhara Mudra
  • Bandha: Jalandhar, Uddiyana, Moola and Maha Bandha
  • Meditation: Kaya Shthairyam, Ajapajapa, Antar Mouna, Chidakasha Dharna, Hridyakasha Dharna and Shoonya Meditation
  • Relaxation: Yoga Nidra (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance and Progressive)
  • Others: Acupressure and Astrology


 Independent Yoga Consultant                                                            2016 to Date

(Pune, Goa, Hyderabad and Nagpur)

Classes/Projects Undertaken:

  • Jehangir Hospital: Unique project called “Patient First” which has been a very wise vision of the organization to complete the circle of total health by covering the physical and mental aspects. The Yoga sessions are conducted daily for the In-patients, nurses, housekeeping staff and other staff in order to manage the stress level and improve the work-efficiency.
  • Symbiosis Centre for Yoga, Pune: Under Symbiosis International (Deemed University), worked as “Adjunct Professor” to prepare curriculum, Organizing and conducting various academic courses like Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (PGDYT for doctors and health professionals) and Certificate Program in Yoga (CPY) to train the students in the science of Yoga.
  • Symbiosis Law School: Prepared and conducted 1 credit course yoga program (15 hours) for the BA/BBA LLB students.
  • Health Management Portfolio: Developed a unique program called “Health Management Portfolio (HMP) by combining the concepts of Yoga, Astrology and Ayurveda to get the overall personality and individual trait of the person and guide to experience the goal of the life and at the same time to learn how to deal with diseased body-mind and the stressful life.
  • Bhilai Steel Plant: Conducted 3 days intensive stress management program for executive and non-executive employees of Bhiai Steel Plant, Bhilai, Chattisgarh, India along with the research study for “Impact of Yoga on stress and work efficiency”.
  • Yoga Training Teacher Course accredited by Yoga Alliance, USA: Delivered lectures and practical yoga sessions for 100 Hrs, 200 Hrs and 300 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) on Yoga Philosophy, Stress management Program. Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation. Also conducted Yoga Therapy sessions on Skeletal and muscular disorders, Diabetes and Hypertension.

Independent Yoga Consultant                                                               2011 to 2015

(Pune and Nagpur)

Classes/Projects Undertaken:

  • NADT (National Academy of Direct Taxes), Nagpur: Yoga sessions for newly appointed Assistant commissioners of Income Tax to improve the will power, dedication and to experience good physical and mental health.
  • Sunderban Yoga Studio: A Yoga studio to conduct group Yoga sessions for all on Health Management.
  • Jehangir Hospital: Yoga has been incorporated in 2014 in a unique project called “Patient First” which has been a very wise vision of the organization to complete the circle of total health by covering the physical and mental aspects. The Yoga sessions were conducted daily for the In-patients, nurses, housekeeping staff and other staff in order to manage the stress levels.

Ongoing activities during this time:

  • Skype Yoga Sessions: Online Yoga sessions for paralytic person located in USA, who has experienced lot of relief and progress at physical as well as mental level.
  • Specific personal yoga sessions for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, Arthritis, Pregnancy, Parkinson’s disorder, Diabetes, Hypertension.
  • Astrological Consultancy to help people to remove confusing state and to gain confidence to move in right direction, by prescribing yoga practices in synchronization with Astrological readings.

Independent Yoga Teacher, Pune, Maharashtra                                2005 to 2010

Classes/Projects Undertaken:

  • Yardi Software Pvt. Ltd: For stress management and improved lifestyle through the sessions of dynamic yoga postures, kriyas, meditation and Yoga nidra. This was designed to manage the stress and anxiety that is accumulated as a result of monotonous and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Indian Army, Pune Cantonment Sub-Area: To improve the will power, dedication and overall health.
  • NIN (National Institute of Naturopathy: workshops and lectures on different themes and disorders.
  • Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering: Practical yoga sessions to the Engineers of India Railway for their good health, awareness, concentration and yogic lifestyle.
  • SOSVA Training and Promotion Institute: Practical Yoga sessions and lectures for sex workers for HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategies and Self Help Group Development.
  • Indian Red Cross Society: Combined Yoga sessions for the doctors and their patients, regular Yoga sessions on general health with Doctors specialized in their respected fields (Surgeons, Dentists, and Gynecologists) and their referred patients.
  • Seminars and sessions for special groups such as Executives, School Children, Ladies, Pregnant women and Senior Citizens.
  • Mind management sessions at Societies, for business groups, IT professionals, medical professionals, educationists and school teachers.
  • Ranji Trophy and Under-22 Cricket Team, Maharashtra Cricket Association, Pune: Prepared special Yoga Nidra practices to train their sub-conscious mind for better performance and to overcome certain weaknesses related with sport of Cricket and achieve specific goals.

Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, Bihar                                             1995 to 2005

  • Went through extensive Certificate course in advanced yogic studies, that not only had theory, but a lot of practical learning while living an ashram gurukul lifestyle.
  • In 1996, was part of intense project on Yoga program in Central Jails of Buxar and Muzaffarpur, Bihar, for group of prisoners serving lifetime imprisonment. Purpose was to educate them in the science of yoga to balance emotions and physical health.
  • Yoga program in Darbhanga Medical College for the doctors to incorporate yogic science to their profession and lifestyle.
  • Yoga workshop in Ajmer, Rajasthan, to spread the awareness of yoga.
  • Conducted the sessions of Bhakti Yoga in Yoga Health Management Program.


  • Prashant Pandey has extensive practical experience with Acupressure on different individuals. In his entire Acupressure practice, till date, he has observed that Acupressure points give immediate relief to a patient and the disease/disorder can be well managed with regular Acupressure sessions. He has given Acupressure to patients with the following troubles:-
    • Arthritis (Joint pain, Swelling)
    • Sinusitis
    • Severe headaches
    • Acidity
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Muscular pain and body ache
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Lower back/Sciatica
  • Acupressure has given great relief to individuals who were unable to even move due to injury.


  • Prashant Pandey Holds the title of “Jyotish Praveen” in Vedic Astrology, conducted by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Chennai.
  • Also trained into Krishnamurti Padhyati of Astrology.
  • Studied Astrological charts related to various issues of Marriage, Education, Health, career, birth.
  • Incorporated the science of Yoga, Ayurveda & Astrology and developed a successful program called “Health Management Portfolio (HMP)”. Health Management Portfolio helps to deal with any physical illness and disease, to overcome hidden psychological issues, bring balance in emotional state and feel connected to our spiritual (inner) nature.


  • Certificate Course in Advanced Yogic Studies from Bihar Yoga Bharati, Munger, Bihar (1995).
  • Certified Astrologer with the title of “Jyotish Praveen” conducted by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Chennai and Life Member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences.
  • Certified Acupressurist from National Institute of Acupressure Research, Training & Treatment, Chandigarh.


  • B.Com. (Hons. in Accounts and Auditing)
  • Master of Arts (Yoga)