Meditation Session- A way towards Self-Realisation

meditation-facebook-cover_6910Aims & Objectives

We meditate to beautify our outer self, purify and balance our inner self and to know Self. As Yoga is the method of communion of joining two things together, meditation is the technique and science to behold the consciousness, tranquilize the entire personality and develop the awareness with absolute consciousness.
Meditation can be experienced through various techniques which are simplified in Satyananda Yoga and as we go deep we experience and become aware of all dimensions of our own personality.
Meditation is something that most people have heard about, few have any true conception about and even fewer have actually experienced it.  The aim of meditation is to explore the different regions of the mind and eventually transcend the mind completely.
These are following meditation techniques, which help us to attain the state of purification and concentration:-
Anulom Vilom and Prana Shuddhi
Anulom Vilom is a technique in which the flow of breath is reversed through each nostril alternatively. Prana Shuddhi can be defined as a practice which purifies the flow of prana in the body.
  • It brings about relaxation of the mind and body, increases mental concentration and awareness and is a method of inducing states of meditation.
The word Trataka means ‘to gaze steadily’. All meditational practices aim initially at establishing concentration of mind as a prelude to meditation. To attain this state, various different methods are adopted. One of the most direct, simple and yet at the same time effective, is the technique of Trataka.
  • Trataka develops the power of concentration enormously.
  • Trataka is an excellent method of obtaining meditational experience and unleashing some of the dormant potential of the mind.
The constant repetition of mantra is known as japa. Japa becomes Ajapa (spontaneous) japa when the mantra automatically repeats itself without conscious effort.
  • Ajapa japa is a complete sadhana in itself which can take an aspirant from the most elementary level of body and environmental awareness to the highest stages of meditation.
  • Ajapa japa relieves the mind of all tensions, which in turn removes the root cause of most physical and mental ailment.
Antar Mouna
The word ‘antar’ means ‘inner’ and ‘mouna’ means ‘silence’. Therefore the exact translation of antar mouna is ‘inner silence’.
  • Antar Mouna is to be practiced by those people who have disturbances in the mind.
  • Antar Mouna gradually harmonize the mind so that it eventually attains a state of thoughtlessness and meditation.
 Chidakasha Dharna
In Sanskrit the inner cosmos is called the chidakasha. This is one of the most widely used techniques in yoga. This technique can be called ‘awareness of the inner space of consciousness’.
  • Chidakasha dharna is a powerful tool for helping to remove mental blocks, fear, etc.

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