Jehangir Hospital

An Introduction :

Jehangir Hospital is one of the leading hospital in Pune. Jehangir hospital functions with the attitude of service and well-being of everyone. Bihar/Satyananda Yogic techniques have been introduced in the hospital for inpatients & staff for their overall Upliftment including physical health, mental and emotional stability.

Yoga for Inpatients :

Satyananda Yoga techniques which are gentle, simple and very effective which patients on bed also can do, follow and understand easily. Satyananda Yoga never pushes a practitioner into any posture and position but allows the individual to work in unison with his/her body and mind, and believes in raising the positivity and teaches to deal with the negativity.

In brief what the inpatients are doing :

  • Different yoga practices such as a short relaxation on bed.
  • Effective breathing techniques to expand awareness of breath.
  • Short meditation techniques in lying position (as the patient may be  undergoing Dialysis or chemotherapy or pre/post surgery or other medical condition).
  • Simple healing visualizations.

Yoga for Staff :

  • They do yoga in capsules which consists a unique combination of Asana, Pranayama, Mudras, Relaxation, Yoga-Nidra & Meditation.
  • Asanas help in improving blood circulation by releasing stagnant blood and allowing the fresh oxygenated energy to flow in all different parts of the body. Practicing asanas tones the nerves, helps the muscles to become more flexible and strengthens joints.
  • Pranayama allows awareness of breath, increases lung capacity, brings the nervous system into balance, thus helping the brain to feel rejuvenated and fresh by better oxygen supply.
  • Mudras help the scattered energy to re-channelize into required body parts.
  • Yoga-Nidra helps to release deep and old impressions, relaxes the body and mind on psychic levels. It makes the practitioner high on concentration.
  • Meditation and relaxation provide the staff with raised energy levels, calm disposition, positive interactions and high-on efficiency.