Jala Neti for Swine Flu

Since past few years, there was an aspiration to develop the website which by Guruji’s grace has now been completed. The purpose of Anahat.net is to provide the information about Yoga that we are into, our activities, streams we deal with, and thus, allow interested people to know and contact us.

The first blog we are publishing is about a simple, yet a very important and effective practice of Hatha Yoga known as JALA NETI. Different aspects of Yoga whether Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas, different kriyas, Meditation etc.- the importance of any of these is enhanced if we can relate them with our current situation.

In current scenario of the spread of Swine Flu, the H1N1 virus, we can say with assurance that Jala Neti is one of the best methods to help, prevent the painful swine flu virus. The luke warm saline water is very effective in bringing down the viral population. The proliferating viruses get washed-off through the nasal passages, and thus are unable to survive, proliferate or multiply any further.

H1N1 virus spreads mostly through respiratory tract contact, and Jala Neti is the best method to keep the respiratory tract clean and healthy. Practice Jala Neti everyday positively.

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  1. girish bhandari

    Jal Neti is indeed a wonderful practice. I have found it to be very effective in keeping the respiratory system unclogged and the head clear.

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