In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) & Yoga

This is the feedback of a lady who became a mother recently, Mrs. Shruti Jatia, one of my sincere students, who went through IVF process. Transformation happens when both, teacher and student, are ready to accept each other and focused towards the goal. By the grace, this equation has fulfilled and destiny showered the blessings.

Her experience: –

How do we know when we are ready to have a baby? For me it was very clear that I always wanted children. Growing up in a full house, I could not see life otherwise. I always had this notion in my head that when I was ready to start a family, I would not take time to get pregnant. Never once realizing that life was ready to throw a curve ball at me.

Once we started trying for a baby, we never thought that we would have to walk the now very frequently trodden road of IVF (In vitro fertilisation). Before deciding to go for IVF, we tried to get pregnant for 2 years. But every month I was met with just disappointment and heartbreak and to top it off, getting the ‘good news’ of friends and cousins getting pregnant would just send me spiraling into a fit of rage and irritation. This really started affecting my relationship with my family especially my husband. After 2 years of no success, we decided to get ourselves checked. We went through a battery of test to check literally all parameters in our body. After all this we were told that there is nothing wrong and we just fall under the bracket of “unexplained infertility”. When there is a problem in your body, it gets easier to accept the situation but I could understand the fact that if nothing was wrong then why was I not getting pregnant. In order to get this clarified I jumped from one doctor to another and even went to another city for consultation but nothing helped and I was always told the same thing. By now everything had become very mechanical and intimacy had become an annoying baby making game. I was tracking my periods, going for ultrasound to check my ovulation, getting blood tests done and eating only certain kind of food. We had even tried three IUIs (Intrauterine Insemination) but with no result. In other words, my life was only revolving around achieving my wish to get a baby. All this led to more stress and anxiety which is your  worst enemy if you are trying to conceive.

I had finished my first IVF transfer and was waiting for my results when yoga came into my life. It is probably divine intervention. After meeting Sir, I started my classes with him literally the next day.  Maybe he could sense that I really needed all the positivity and benefits that yoga had to offer at that point in my life. For most people, including me thought that yoga comprised of only asanas. But in reality, yoga is food for the soul. My yoga practices which was very carefully customized by Sir, included mantra chanting, asana, breathing exercises, pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation and an interesting and spirited dialogue with Sir J. Yoga works on you inside out. It helped me not only strengthen my body but mind and soul as well. The changes that Yoga brought in me could be felt by my family and me instantly. There was a paradigm shift in my thoughts. From being totally negative I started having only positive feelings. Yoga not only helped me change my mindset, but slowly and steady started preparing my body for the vigorous process of IVF. With my experience, I’ve come to believe that the practice of yoga has a deeper impact on your psyche. I started looking forward to my classes and taking them more seriously as I could see the difference it was making in my life. The negative thought that I had at the back of my mind that I would not get pregnant slowly gave way to HOPE. My attitude towards my IVF changed completely as I started feeling that some positive outcome was coming my way soon.

 In April 2019 I finally saw the double line on the home pregnancy test and my blood test confirmed the result the very next day. My first 3 months were not easy due to which the asana had to be stopped. But yoga nidra, chanting and mediation continued. After I was given a green signal by the doctor to restart yoga, Sir and Ma’am started pre-natal yoga with me with beautiful visualisations during yoga nidra which helped me connect with my baby. Yoga not only helped me to tide over my pregnancy but also helped make my delivery and recovery smooth sailing. It also helped me to maintain my weight during my pregnancy which kept my pregnancy uncomplicated. I Kept doing my breathing exercises in the OT also which helped me calm my nerves. Post my C-section not only me but the doctors and other hospital staff around me were also amazed at the fact that I was up and about so fast and that to with minimal pain. This is because yoga had done wonders for me.

Getting pregnant via IVF needs more mental strength than physical, and to prepare you for this journey Yoga is the only remedy. A healthy lifestyle increases your chances to get pregnant significantly. The benefits of yoga are known to everyone but for someone  undergoing fertility treatments it can be a godsend. It not only nourishes the body but proves to be a mental detox of all negative emotions. Furthermore, it reduces your stress, increases blood circulation and helps to stabilize the hormonal imbalance in your body.  Yoga was the light at the end of a dark tunnel for me and now it has brightened my very being by helping me get the sweetest blessing from God.

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  1. Nilima Barde

    Congratulations to the mother and there Yoga teachers! We need more such concious acts of becoming parents..

  2. Archana

    Heartiest Congratulations!! So happy for you. Me and my daughter have been on this Yogic journey guided by Prashant Murthy Sir since 2010 and my husband too has joined us now. We are full of gratitude for Sir.
    It is said that we don’t choose Yoga but Yoga chooses us. I believe the same applies for the Yoga Guru 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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