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HMP- A path under the shelter of Yoga, Astrology and Ayurveda.

The Concept & Objective

We feel happy to invite you to a unique feature called Health Management Portfolio (HMP) which is discovered and designed by Mr. Prashant Pandey who is an experienced Yoga Teacher and Astrologer.

Vedic or Sanatan culture is an eternal culture, because it is external, social, individual and also cosmic in nature. It comprises the eternal values upon which human evolution is based. Sanatana Culture advocates that human beings have come into this world with four main aims to pursue. These four aims of human life are known as the purusharthas (efforts), which are-

  1. Artha (to acquire material need and wealth)
  2. Kama (desires and their fulfilment)
  3. Dharma (to accomplish the duty of body, mind, family, society)
  4. Moksha (to desire to attain transcendence and freedom)

These four aims are regarded as being necessary in order to experience the fulfilment in life. But in absence of right guidance and inspiration, most of us remain entangled in first two purushartha (aims), i.e. Artha and Kama and we are unable to experience the fulfilling dimensions of Dharma and Moksha. Consequently, this becomes one of the main reason of unhappiness which leads to stress and disease in life.

Health Management Portfolio (HMP) plays an important role to bring balance and harmony. This program is made systematically to guide, motivate and experience the goal of the life and at the same time to learn how to deal with diseased body-mind and the stressful life. This program has two pillars-

  1. Yoga
  2. Astrology
  3. Ayurveda

All these three pillars are Vedanga (part of the Veda) with their sound principles and applications to discover the inner potential.

It is said that if you want to know what is written in the book you need to read it, no matter how attractive the cover may be. Similarly, astrological science is the medium to know about a person’s different aspects of personality that why the person behaves in a particular manner? Why is that person unhealthy or diseased? For how long this time shall be? What curative measures can be applied in a practical way which would give relief?  What methods that can be used as preventive and promotive measures for future? Astrology helps to find out the answers to all these queries. Through Astrology, we unfold the solution of current disturbances, achieve mental clarity and are able to see our own strengths and potentials, which can further be realized and developed with Yogic practices and the guidance of Ayurveda.

Health Management Portfolio (HMP) also includes the principles of Ayurveda which are taken into consideration to find out the prakriti (biological humour, vata-air, pitta-acid, kapha-mucus) to further help to decide the diet and lifestyle.

In Health Management Portfolio (HMP), with the help of astrological chart and ayurvedic temperament, an individualized yoga practices are designed in a planned and systematic manner as per the need and requirement of the person which includes the selected practices of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, yoga nidra, meditation and shatkarmas. It also includes personalized lifestyle guidelines and mantra chanting.

The objectives of Health Management Portfolio are as follows:-

  • To help a person to return back to the source and experience peace and wisdom.
  • Maintain harmony between inner and external self, family, society and environment.
  • To discover the inner potential to optimum.
  • To achieve total health.


After proper study of the astrological chart and ayurvedic constitution of an individual, following practical programs will be provided:-

  • Monthly Yogic Practice Chart
  • Insecurity Management Program
  • Road to Success Guide


The duration of Health Management Portfolio (HMP) is for 9 months. Just as a baby is born after being nurtured in the mother’s womb for 9 months, in the same way, a healthy personality can take birth in 9 months by following the guidelines and principles of Health Management Portfolio (HMP). These 9 months are divided in 3 levels, each level consists of 3 months. Although the total duration is for 9 months to complete the program, the participant will have the option to select levels separately.

Sessions with Mr. Prashant Pandey

There will be total 10 sessions with the teacher, Mr. Prashant Pandey which will be personalized one to one session. The sessions will be held ONLINE with the convenient time for the both teacher and participant.

The break-up of the levels and total sessions are as follows:-

Level 1            3 month           6 sessions

Level 2            3 months         6 sessions

Level 3            3 months         6 sessions

Sessions with teacher will be the guidance and instruction to learn and understand the practices in a proper manner, whereas, it will be utmost important for the participant to continue their personal practices given by the teacher in the rest of the days to fulfill the objective of the program.


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  1. Over all a very innovative concept to get holistic benefits of health. Well done.

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