Health Management Portfolio

HMP- A path under the shelter of Yoga, Astrology and Ayurveda.

This is a new concept with practical approach to experience health and fulfilment which leads towards Upliftment in life.

Objective & Purpose

The main purpose of this project is to assemble all the facts and potentials of an individual, in the form of Strengths & Weaknesses and work on these aspects in a systematic, programmed and targeted way.


To achieve the goal and success, there is an integration of three ancient sciences:-

  • Yoga
  • Astrology, and
  • Ayurveda


An individual will be given 3 forms to fill up, i.e.:-

  • Health Related Information Form
  • Ayurvedic Constitutional Test (ACT) Form
  • Astrological Data Form

The forms are made carefully with the motive to obtain the proper information regarding health, constitution and the inclination of an individual.


Following approaches will be integrated to cover all the aspects (Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual) of the personality of an individual, i.e:-

  • Individual’s statement (through forms)
  • Astrological Information
  • Ayurvedic Information
  • Perception of Yoga Teacher


After proper study of the integrated approaches, following practical programs will be applied and given to an individual:-

  • Yogic Practices Chart
  • Monthly Insecurity Management Program (Chanting of Vishnu Sahastranaam)
  • Important Mantra Chanting for the Planets
  • Diet Chart
  • Road to Success Guide
  • Important Astrological Guidelines to experience Balance and Harmony in Life


Follow-up feedback will be taken from the practitioners. This will reflect and ascertain the development and progress of the person in the form of Management, Prevention and Promotion.


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