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Pune city is called “the cultural capital” of Maharashtra in India. Here ‘culture’ does not only mean festivals and celebrations but it includes courage, ethics and honesty too. As far as ethics and honesty is concerned, along with the people of the city, the history of this place, and other esteemed institutions, Jehangir Hospital is one of the important institutions which has contributed to society by giving priority to service, and does not compromise on ethics and honesty.

Foundation of Jehangir Nursing Home, now Jehangir Hospital, Pune was laid on 6th February 1946 by Sir Cowasji Jehangir, Bt and Lady Hirabai Jehangir, in the form of a 10 bedded nursing home with the purpose to help treat sick and diseased people. It was probably the first private hospital in the city. Lady Hirabai actively participated in running Jehangir Nursing Home. Within next two to three years, many people started coming for treatment, and then Lady Hirabai felt, that, this facility needed an expansion to accommodate and serve a larger number of people.  She kept this thought in front of Sir Cowasji Jehangir. But because at that time, taxation law was newly implemented, which was affecting the liquidity in cash, and so, he asked to hold this thought for some time. But Lady Hirabai felt that immediate expansion of Jehangir Nursing Home was more important and necessary, so that, a larger number of people could get quality treatment on time. She quickly took out her precious jewelry, called jeweler at home, and sold her precious emerald which was estimated to be around Rs.20 lac at that time. When she was asked why she sold her traditional jewelry, she replied that “I am very happy that this emerald could be used for the noble cause of providing medical treatment for the needy.” And she used those 20 lacs in the expansion of Jehangir Nursing Home. She set up an example in society for a noble cause which is continued by the current Lady Jehangir and Sir Cowasji Jehangir, Bt successfully.

The motto of Jehangir Hospital is “We add care” which is truly applied here. Under the motto of “We add care”, sick people are taken care properly, they are not exploited economically in anyway and the right treatment is given as required. In addition to this, Yoga has been included for stress and mind management which is conducted by experienced Yoga Teachers. The teachers go to different wards and according to the state of the In-Patients, they use efficient techniques like Yoga Nidra and relaxation to reduce stress which is working very well. According to the Yoga Teachers, the excessive stress (which is very obvious in hospital environment) resists and hampers with the natural healing of the body and medical treatment. By minimizing the stress, body works at its optimum healing capacity and medical treatment becomes more effective.

Along with In-Patient stress management sessions, regular yoga sessions for nursing and housekeeping staff are also conducted, in order to help them serve patients effectively using a positive state of mind, with empathy, patience and calmness.

Every year on foundation day, Jehangir Hospital felicitates their staff for honesty. This year too, one staff who brought in a packet of Rs.50,000 currency notes to the office which he found lying somewhere in the hospital, was honored. Another lady staff, showing her honesty, submitted a purse with mobile and money, was also honored. Like this, there are many more examples in the hospital who have proven time and again that “Honesty is the best policy”.

To treat sick people in the right and appropriate way is the service to the country which Jehangir Hospital is doing dedicatedly and we feel very proud to be a part of “THE TEAM”.

Thanks & Regards

Prashant Pandey

Yoga Teacher

Mob – +91 8698242607

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    Jehangir Hospital is best hospital in the city as clinical as well as support services.

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