Sunderban Yoga Studio (Group Class)

Sunderban Yoga Studio is a part of Sunderban Resort & Spa at Koregaon Park, Pune which is surrounded by greenery & positive vibes. It has been dedicated for traditional Yoga with the purpose of benefitting the people for physical health & ailments, mental distress and also for spiritual seekers.
Sunderban Yoga Studio, Pune is a great location for Yoga lovers as well as those who are in trouble and suffering whether on physical or mental level. The kind of packages, practices, capsules and techniques that we introduce, allows a Yoga practitioner to open up, and let the purification of body and mind take place.
Prashant Pandey and Ruchira Pandey are there as Yoga Teachers, Therapists & Consultants. They have profound and vast teaching experience of 22+ years with various groups & individuals in Pune and in the country. They are also working as Yoga Therapists in Jehangir Hospital, IT Companies and Educational Institutions and are dedicated to spread the message of YOGA.

Evening Batch (3 Days)
Days: – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Timings: – 5.00 – 6.00 PM (Evening)

Venue : Sunderban Resort & Spa, Lane 1, Next to Osho Commune, Koregaon Park, Pune 1
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Yoga & Student Life

I read a quote of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, the founder of Bihar School of Yoga – “Come to Yoga. Give Evolution a chance.” From my understanding, this is the essence of Yoga which needs to be understood.

Today I am publishing a blog with the theme of “Yoga & Student life”. This blog is based on a feedback of a practitioner who I consider one of the best Yoga practitioner in my Yoga teaching.

Personal experiences and feedbacks play an important role to inspire and motivate a person who is in need of help of positive changes in the life.

Though from one angle it seems that I am her Yoga Teacher and taught the principles of Yoga to her, whereas from another angle, it is her destiny which brought her into Yoga practice, and I have become an instrument.

This is the feedback from Veeni Awatramani, who has practiced Yoga for last many years in a group class at Sopan Bagh, Pune. I remember, during her entire Yoga sessions, I never sensed any kind of dissatisfactory feeling in her, in regard to the set of Yogic practices, selected by me. She practiced with trust whatever she has been instructed.

In Veeni’s words:

“Before I joined Yoga, I used to be very self-critical and under confident. I just did not like myself, although I could never pinpoint the reason for that dislike. The only things I used to focus on, whenever I thought about myself were my weaknesses. My attitude towards life was pessimistic – surrounded by negativity.

When I decided to join Yoga, I had no specific reason (such as weight loss, peace of mind, flexibility) to do so. I just wanted something new to do and so I decided to take up Yoga. In the beginning, I just used to attend class as though it was a normal lecture like the ones we have in college. Listen to what the teacher says and do what he tells you to do. Gradually, it became a weekly routine – attending class from 6:30-7:30 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

After about a year of practicing Yoga, I realized the impact it was having on my life. Not only did I see a difference with respect to physical aspects but I could also feel a change in the emotional aspects.

Now, it has been 32 months since Yoga came into my life. I dont exactly know when this happened, but I respect my life much more now. Yoga has taught me to value everything God has given me and not take anything for granted.

As a student, I have experienced a significant increase in my focus and confidence. The same person who used to consider exams as “most important and would sacrifice sleep, food and family time during exams, now sleeps tension-free, spends time with the family and eats all her meals properly even during exam days ! Now, I consider exams as a part of my life and not my life. I dont take any tension and instead enjoy studying for the exams and writing the papers with a calm mind.

Yoga teaches one to adapt to changes easily. No matter what problem comes your way, all we need to do is have confidence in our abilities. No situation can then remain a problem for too long. Not only situations, even the people around us might change. People might break our trust or leave us stranded, but even in such a case our inner strength remains intact and gives us the spirit to fight and not let such people or situations break our confidence.

When I am practicing Yoga, all problems just vanish! You feel that there is so much more to life, than just that little problem thats preventing you from being happy. That same problem that appears to be big before the practice of Yoga, shrinks to just a small problem. And it is that feeling that helps us tackle the problems with ease. Yoga teaches one to control the mind. We learn to keep away negativity and even get a grip on ourselves with respect to temptations and greed.

My attitude towards life has become much more optimistic now. I had read in a book that the universe works by the “law of attraction the thoughts in your mind attract what comes into your life. I see this law working today. If we think positive, we definitely attract positivity. Today, I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses. With that I have also learnt to appreciate my strengths and not just focus on my weaknesses. My self-confidence has increased and now I feel confident to express my thoughts and simply be myself, without worrying about what others think.

With respect to the physical aspects I have experienced weight loss, increased flexibility and higher stamina. My posture has improved and I can sit steadily for long hours without having to adjust my position constantly. My breathing has also significantly improved – now I take deeper and longer breaths and dont get out of breath even when I need to climb the stairs or walk a long distance.

All the meditation practices we do also have something to teach us. I remember the meditation practice we performed in the sitting position for 10 minutes sometime in November. We were given the instructions “Feel like you are a tree rooted in the earth… Even if you feel like moving, you should resist the urge…. ”. That was very thought provoking. It made me feel how important it is to be rooted to our traditions, our loved ones and our core selves. Times may change, everything around us may change, but we can survive it all when our roots are strong, just like a big, old tree.

I am still discovering the wonderful world of Yoga and thoroughly enjoying my journey. This year I have adopted the resolution to incorporate Yoga in my daily routine. I have already begun with that and hope to devote more and more time to it.

All this wouldnt have been possible without you Sir! Thank you for being our teacher You not only teach us the Yoga practices but you also tell us their significance on the physical and mental level. That gives us a greater boost to devote ourselves to Yoga.”


Sayings of Paramhamsaji-Good and bad

images-15Question: – Do you believe in good and bad, or just in conscious and unconscious action?

Sw. Satyananda Saraswati: – Surely, there is good and there is bad. Firstly, if someone is cheating someone, or if somebody is murdering someone, or if someone is taking poison, it is bad. Good and bad are the two traits of the mind, body and individual, but they are, of course, not absolute.

Secondly, you have to believe, for some time, in good and bad. If you go deep and analyse yourself properly, or if you introspect, you will realize that virtually everybody does believe in good or bad. One may not know, or he may not acknowledge, or in his ignorance or arrogance, he may say that he doesn’t believe in it, but he does.

However, for one who has transcended the realm of duality, for the person who has developed equal vision of mind, there is no consciousness of good and bad, because he has transcended all notions of duality. If I say that I don’t believe in good or bad, it means that I have transcended duality, and if I have transcended duality, then I am not an ordinary man. However, it is necessary for every ordinary person to have clear-cut awareness about good and bad, in relation to society, to his body, to his mind, and to his spiritual progress.


congratulationsFirst of all, I would like to congratulate Indian Cricket team for the superb victory against England which brought confidence in the team and made all of us proud.

The partnership between Skipper Virat Kohli and Kedar Jadhav was worth seeing. Virat Kohli again made all of us realize and also the opponent team of his determined attitude. On the other side, when I was watching the game of Kedar Jadhav, time to time while watching him play, I was remembering the memorable time spent with him, when he was a doing Yoga with his Maharashtra Ranji Trophy team mates and I was the Yoga Teacher of Maharashtra Ranji Trophy Cricket Team. I would like to share few memories which are interesting as well as inspiring.

I was the Yoga Teacher of Mr. Ajay Shirke, who was the Chairman of Maharashtra Cricket Association and I used to go to watch the matches of our Maharashtra team. One day, when I was watching the match, and at the same time, explaining the importance of Yoga Nidra to one of the committee members of Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA). He suddenly requested me that soon it would be lunchtime, players will have some time, why don’t you give one small Yoga Nidra session to them. I accepted and they all went through Yoga Nidra session. After the session their feedbacks were motivating. From there, my journey of Yoga Teaching started with MCA.

One day, when I was watching a friendly match, I saw one batsman was performing wonderfully well, he hit 6 sixes in 6 balls. The way he was batting, appealed me a lot and in the evening I mentioned it to Mr. Ajay Shirke that this player has something special. He told me the name of that player, he was Kedar Jadhav.

When I started official Yoga session, Kedar Jadhav was one of the best and sincere practitioner of Yoga. I remember when he used to come to me, and ask “what to do Sir, since long time I am not able to complete the century. Sometimes, I am out on 99, sometimes 95, what to do!”

I found the solution in Yoga Nidra practice. If you (Reader) have done Yoga Nidra ever, then you must be aware of one of the aspect called visualization in Yoga Nidra. Myself and my wife Ruchira, discussed a lot on how to make yoga Nidra effective for the players and the team. Finally we prepared Yoga Nidra with specific visualization practices. We prepared the visualization practice for the batsmen and bowlers separately, in which the batsmen used to do batting and the bowlers used to do bowling in Yoga Nidra visualization process.

I explained the players about the concept of doing Yoga Nidra properly and rectifying their weaknesses in subconscious mind, then they needed less effort through conscious mind, as subconscious mind is the powerful and the obedient mind. I am happy to share that this project was a successful one. Players used to play cricket in Yoga Nidra visualization and they noticed minute details also. When I asked for the feedback, one of the batsmen told me that he saw Pravin Kumar bowling in his visualization. When I asked the reason why he saw Pravin Kumar, he mentioned that he found it difficult to compete with Pravin Kumar due to his ability to swing the balls. And like that different players had different experiences in Yoga Nidra. So in this way the Yoga Nidra practices were going on and gave a very deep, positive and creative impact on their minds.

Yesterday when Kedar Yadav was at 93 runs, just 7 runs short for a remarkable century, memories came flashing by which I shared with my wife, Ruchira, about when Kedar Yadav used to be sceptical about scoring a century and I told my wife to see whether today he is able to complete the century or not…AND HE DID. 🙂



Spreading Dimesions & Awareness of Yoga

As the time is passing, I am observing that Yoga in Jehangir Hospital, Pune is becoming more relevant. New aspects and dimensions are appearing in which I see that in those situations Yoga has an appropriate answer.

I am starting a series of blogs to share my experiences in Hospital with In-Patients & Staff while taking their Yoga sessions. Through these shares, people will images94CB4AC7become aware of many aspects and dimensions where Yoga is playing a revolutionary role. Recently, I went to take Relaxation session on 6th floor in Hospital, when I noticed a patient walking here and there in the corridor. I recognised him as an Inpatient because of his uniform. I felt him anxious. I went to him, introduced myself and insisted him to do the relaxation session. He said- “I can do the relaxation practice but have to go at 2 PM for Angioplasty”.  

He came in his room and we started the Yoga session. As I sensed his physical state, we started the practice with Abdominal Breathing in lying position. Abdominal breathing is a very effective practice which calms down the para sympathetic nervous system. After few minutes of Abdominal breathing, Yoga session gently shifted in Yoga Nidra, a practice of relaxation.

After 10 to 15 minutes of Yogic practices, when that gentleman opened his eyes, he was a different person. He was now very relaxed and calm. When I ask, how he felt after relaxation,  He said – “Before Yoga session, I was worried due to Angioplasty which was scheduled at 2 PM. I was waiting anxiously for 2 PM. But now I am relaxed. I am not worrying about anything rather I have left everything in the hands of God.”

While listening to his compliments, I saw a very genuine smile on his face.



Prashant Pandey

Yoga Therapist & Consultant

Yoga Project in Jehangir Hospital, Pune

images (11)When the TIME decides to change its course, it takes a complete U-turn!

Jehangir Hospital of Pune happens to be one of the oldest and reputed medical set up of nursing home in Poona which started in 1946 by Sir Cowasji Jehangir.

Prashant had built-up a strong bond with Lady Jehangir and Sir Jehangir, as he takes Bihar Yoga sessions for them. One fine day, he put up this thought of conducting Yoga sessions for the In-patients and the Hospital staff in Jehangir Hospital. They liked this initiative. It took almost 2 years to execute this project with all the logistics on paper.

For these 2 years, we all were constantly working on how to move with YOGA in Hospital, as for us too, it was the very first time. Before, we had successfully conducted Yoga sessions for Indian Army, Indian Railways, Maharashtra Cricket Association, amongst Children, Ladies, IT sectors etc., but in a Hospital, one thing is of utmost concern that the In-patients cannot leave their bed. So, a short session of YOGA which would allow them to still be on their bed, without disturbing their space, yet something which would help them experience a very peaceful mental and physical state within a short time. With discussions, the concept of YOGA & RELAXATION came in. Lady Jehangir & Sir Jehangir were already practising it with Prashant and they immediately agreed on it.

In the month of April 2015, the YOGA project was introduced by the Honourable Jehangirs’ (one of the most humble couple we have met), Prashant being the YOGA COUNSELLOR & TEACHER.

On one hand, Prashant was covering the In-patients of Oncology (Chemotherapy), Nephroplus (Dialysis unit), MICU, NICU, CCU, General Wards etc., and on the other hand, Hospital staff, which consisted of groups of Housekeeping, Nursing, Front Office, Back Office, Catering (F&B), Administrative Staff (Blood Bank, HR etc.) and HOD’s.

After a while, when response started to come, it was overwhelming. All the people practising YOGA in the Hospital started to notice changes in either their physical condition, mental condition (less irritated, dealing of matters with calm etc.), OR even at the level of thoughts. {YOGA has a tremendous power to reverse your thoughts from negative to positive}. Slowly, all the staff started helping this project-either on the action level (like the Nurses, Sisters would quieten everyone around when the Yoganidra was given in ward) or Silently (if some patient was in the middle of the Yoga session, the housekeeping staff patiently waited outside to take the patient for a test, X-ray or scan).

The enthusiasm In-patients show towards Yoga relaxation session is outstanding. They are experiencing tremendous change in their work area as well as family & personal lives which reflect on their faces too. Many patients have build-up a special bonding with us and their faces glow as they see us.

While the whole program was moving smoothly in Jehangir Hospital, Prashant had to go to Bihar School of Yoga, Munger for some important work. Prashant told Sir Jehangir about the situation and he immediately got hold of the situation, and suddenly, I came to know that I had to continue with this project which was certainly a delightful moment for me.

Until now I was helping the project from background. Within 2 days, I got my ID, went through a short but very useful orientation with Mr. Akesh Agrey (HR Head), and my journey into hospital started. Prashant came back and meanwhile, I had an extremely remarkable experience working with Jehangir Hospital.

This whole project of YOGA in Jehangir Hospital comes under the concept of “PATIENT FIRST”, which is a very wise Vision & Dream of Sir Jehangir. As the name suggests, the Wellness, Care & Safety of the Patient comes first. I was totally amazed to hear the kind of depth of Sir & Lady Jehangirs’ thoughts for their patients who get admitted. The whole hospital has come together to fulfil this initiative of “Patient First”. It collectively works on

  • Reduced Noise Levels
  • Happiness Factor
  • Yoga Nidra (Total Well-Being)
  • Improved Communication.

Now YOGA has entered its 2nd phase in Jehangir Hospital. We want everyone to know that, this YOGA project is one of its kind, and Jehangir Hospital is the first Hospital to sponsor such a project in Pune. It is a great honour and privilege to become the instrument in operating this project with the hope that it will keep growing constantly and the thought continuously ringing with the prayer to Our Guru and The Almighty to make us the medium of help to as many as is possible.

Blog written by Mrs. Ruchira Pandey

Yoga Nidra – A Boon of Bihar Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra is a practice of relaxation and can defined as ‘yogic sleep’.
  • Yoga Nidra is a practice which can be widely applied to improve the quality and happiness of human life.
  • The evils of day to day life are deposited in subconscious mind. Just as our home cleaning, we must remove the samskaras, the mental dirt that accumulates daily in our subconscious. Yoga Nidra perform this essential service for us, removing our mental stress and clearing the way to spiritual progress.
  • Yoga Nidra acts directly in eradicating deep rooted psychological complexes, neurosis, inhibitions, etc. it is an advanced psychiatric tool.ion
  • Yoga Nidra helps to remove vast number of ailments that are predominantly mental in cause such as high blood pressure.
  • Yoga Nidra induces and improves deep sleep. It is a non-chemical tranquilizer that quickly removes insomnia.
  • Physio-psychological rejuvenation of the entire human organism can be brought about by Yoga Nidra. The physical, pranic and mental levels of man are directly recharged.
  • Yoga Nidra opens up the potential of the mind and also awakens the faculty of intuition.
  • Yoga Nidra is a profound educational tool that is being investigated and tested in various parts of the world. It has been found to bring extraordinary improvements in both the absorption and retention of information from external sources as well as the tapping of knowledge within one’s own mind. It heightens intelligence in all meanings of the word.