Astrological Consultancy

What is Astrology?

There is a need to introduce the science of astrology & astrological consultancy in a new perspective which can help in the process of evolution, by making a person independent and confident, instead of dependent and suspicious. This approach does not deal with only questions and answers but with overall personality, identifies the strengths and weaknesses of an individual, and advice to work on them in a practical way. This approach makes us aware of the fact that there is no enemy outside. If we experience obstacles in life, then this limitation comes from within. Once this fact is realized, we can make efforts to enhance our strengths and overcome the weaknesses, which will help balance our personality.

Natal Astrology

How would you react if you go to a doctor with an issue that you are facing in your life and before you utter a word, the doctor starts talking about it and gives a solution ! An astrologer should be able to sense the issues by just seeing the astrological chart provided the correct information about date of birth, time of birth and place of birth is given. This way of astrology is called Natal Astrology. Natal Astrology concerns largely with the life of human beings. A chart is made of the moment (time), date and place of birth. From birth chart an Astrologer can read all events about the native, his/her nature, personality, temperament and peculiarities, longevity, condition of health, finance and fortune, marriage, birth of children and also his prosperity or adversity.

Horary Astrology

There is another branch of astrology which is useful for those people who don’t have either astrological information (horoscope) or are not sure about the correctness. This branch of astrology is called Horary Astrology in which a person asks a particular question, horoscope is made and studied by the astrologer on that particular time of query. This method is as rational and scientific as any other branch of Astrology and it is the sublime art of foreseeing events from the position of the Planets at the moment when one propounds seriously a question about any important matter.

To conclude, if we want to resolve our problems, then it’s always advisable to work on the roots. All the time chopping the leaves is not helpful, and Astrology helps here.

Astrological Consultancy

Astrological consultation is done by Mr. Prashant Pandey who is a certified Vedic Astrologer and life member of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) with the degree of “Jyotish Praveen”. He is also well versed in ‘Krishnamurti Paddyati’ of Astrology which delivers a unique and precise way to read the chart.

For the convenience, Astrological consultation has been made available online either on video or audio call. You can submit the astrological details and query on the given form. Once the submission of astrological details takes place, you will be informed the date and time for the consultation as per mutual convenient mode (online/offline).

There are following important aspects of astrological consultancy:

  • Health and personality – Physical & mental
  • Wealth & finance
  • Family matters
  • Legal matters & short journeys
  • Home & education
  • Child-birth, love affairs, speculation
  • Disease & illness
  • Marriage life
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Virtues & spiritual aspect
  • Profession & business
  • Profit & gains

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