The Concept of Wellness in Jehangir Hospital, Pune

The purpose of Yoga is three-fold: – 1. Curative, 2. Preventive, 3. Promotive. Likewise in Jehangir Hospital, there is one practical approach which is called WELLNESS CENTRE which starts with preventive aspect and ultimately link with curative and promotive aspect of health.

There is a common tendency in many people that they become aware about taking care of their health only when they get sick and unwell. Before that, they don’t even bother to reflect and think that the way their lifestyle is, the way their thinking process is, the way they are running blindly towards success which can make them sick. Many people are not even aware about the preventive aspect of health that how important it is.

The concept of Wellness plays an important role over here. In Jehangir Hospital’s Wellness Centre, there are different need based health check-ups packages with the objective to find out the health issues and deficiencies in the physical body. Once all the tests are done and if any health issue or deficiency is indicated in the report then the purpose of wellness is automatically linked with curative and promotive aspect by consulting the respective doctors which is provided by the Wellness Centre itself and accordingly, right form of treatment is provided. Through this process, not only a person becomes satisfied and confident but it has a positive impact on his professional and family lives as well.

Recently I had suggested one of my friend to go through the wellness program. He understood the importance and went through one of the Wellness test programs. After all the process was complete, I thought of taking his feedback. So I asked few questions and received his answers which I am presenting over here:-

  1. What is your opinion with the concept of wellness?

Answer: – Concept of wellness entails aspects of holistic health and wellness. In modern age loaded with immense stress and life style issues one needs to go through a regular monitoring and check-ups of the body and mind. Any medical intervention should highlight the issues manifesting in the person related to one’s lifestyle and health related problems and suggestions.

  1. How was your experience with the staff of Jehangir Hospital and wellness centre?

Answer: – I got the opportunity to avail platinum package at the wellness centre in Jehangir hospital. My experience with staff of Jehangir hospital and wellness centre was very pleasant and comforting. I found them very compassionate and professional in their approach. I noticed they were catering to the needs of every patient very passionately and with care.

  1. How was your experience with the Doctors of Jehangir Hospital in coordination with Wellness centre?

Answer: – I found there was high level of coordination between Doctors and wellness centre. Doctors were briefed properly prior to patient’s examination which saves a lot of time and repeated queries and examination.

  1. How is your overall impression with Jehangir Hospital and wellness centre?

Answer: – My overall impression with Jehangir Hospital and wellness centre was very nice and pleasant. I want to give one instance that during my Platinum screening I was found positive on stress test. And then subsequently we were advised to meet Cardiologist. Then we got the appointment of Dr. Ajit Mehta. When I met him, he suggested to go through angiography to confirm whether stress test is false positive or true positive. Having seen and heard about corporate doctors and their unethical medical practices in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, initially I was a bit hesitant to go through the test. But after meeting Dr. Ajit Mehta I was convinced that he is a genuine doctor and I trusted his words. Then next day he conducted angiography on me and mentioned that stress test was false positive. In today’s world this kind of honesty and selfless advice is very rare. This incidence has increased my faith in Jehangir Hospital.


Prashant Pandey

Yoga Teacher, Therapist & Consultant