Spreading Dimensions & Awareness of Yoga

With everyday passing, I am observing that Yoga in Jehangir Hospital, Pune is becoming more relevant. New aspects and dimensions are appearing to which Yoga has appropriate answers. I have started a series of blogs, under “Spreading Dimensions & Awareness of Yoga” to share my experiences in Jehangir Hospital with In-Patients & Staff while taking their Yoga sessions. Through these shares, people will become aware of many aspects and dimensions where Yoga is playing a revolutionary role.

Few days back, I went to take Inpatients Yoga sessions as usual in Jehangir Hospital. I went to this lady who recently had cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal surgery) and was suffering with lot of pain. By seeing her, I made out that a few practices could be given to her. So, I told her to do Toe bending, Ankle bending, & Ankle rotation which is a part of Pawanmuktasana part 1 – the practices for joints (Anti-Rheumatic Series). These practices are very gentle in nature yet very effective and when done with awareness, releases the stagnant energy, removes the toxins, and helps to move calf muscles and blood circulation. After the asanas, I explained the benefits of Pranayama practices and told her to do Nadi Shodhan stage II – 7 rounds & Bhramari Pranayama – 5 rounds.

While she was practicing Nadi Shodhan, she experienced pain. I cleared my instructions that she should stop immediately if she finds it difficult to do. She asked almost instantly -” You said this is going to help me, so I’ll do”. And with this talk as if her pain vanished and she completed all her rounds comfortably. I gave her a Relaxation practice of about 8-10 minutes after all her previous practices, and she experienced a deep sleep during that. Before leaving, I asked her to do these practices 3 times a day of her own –

Morning: Asanas, Pranayams & Relaxation.

Afternoon: Asanas & Relaxation.

Evening: Asanas, Pranayams & Relaxation.

Next day when I visited her again, she was sitting on a chair. I said, “You are looking much better today”. She looked at me with surprise and said smiling, “That may be your perspective, but I still have pain. But even then, I did all the practices as you had told to do”. Then we again repeated the same practices as previous day.

First day, when I introduced the concept and objectives of Yoga session to the lady, she started crying and asked me – “Are these practices going to help me and cure me?” This Lady had taken few Chemotherapy sessions before going into cholecystectomy and seeing her condition, her family had decided now that they wouldn’t go for any more chemotherapy as she wasn’t able to tolerate them. Knowing her history of treatment, I only said -” Yogic practices help”.

So, she practiced Yoga with me for 3 consecutive days. After that, for the next 2 days I couldn’t visit her. The 3rd day, as I was about to leave the hospital, I received a call from this lady’s Son. He said-” My mother has given her feedback to Jehangir Hospital that the best time in the hospital was when Yoga Sir would visit her. She could relax just by your visit Sir! She was able to relax during the session and sleep. I would request you to please continue her Yoga sessions at home too after she’s discharged “. I told him that I couldn’t commit for home visit due to other commitments but I would visit her that same day positively.

Same day, when I went on 4th floor (where this lady was admitted) nursing station and was looking into ‘Round book’ in order to take Yoga session for other patients, I was pleasantly surprised when almost every nurse came to me and requested to visit that lady for Yoga session. When I went to meet this lady, she was a transformed lady with a smiling face and a cheerful gesture. I enquired her if she felt hungry, had appetite, she said- “Yes, my appetite is coming back. I feel hungry during the morning but not much during evenings”. According to me, this was a good and positive sign. Because with disease, loss of appetite takes place; appetite coming back is a sign of health returning! In this Yoga session, I added Shoulder socket rotation keeping rest of the practices same. She looked very peaceful, satisfied and relaxed after the completion of Yoga session. From her room, when I came back to nursing station, another nurse came and requested me to take that Lady’s Yoga Session (which I had just completed). As I heard the nurse say this to me, I smiled and thought that this Gentle Lady had conveyed the message of YOGA to all the Nurses! 😊


Prashant Pandey

Yoga Teacher & Therapist




8 thoughts on “Spreading Dimensions & Awareness of Yoga

  1. सर , हरि ॐ
    सर, योग से लाभ होता है। यह सही है। सर इस तरह के अनुभव आप जरूर शेयर करे। इससे हमें भी अपने कार्य मे आसानी होती है। सर अभिनंदन।
    सर एक प्रश्न है –
    अनेक बार कुछ वजनी वस्तु उठाने से अनेक लोगों की नाभि सरक जाती है। जिससे उन्हें लूज मोशन, पेट दर्द, कमर दर्द, पसलियों में दर्द, पैरो में दर्द, जांघो में स्टिफनेस साथ ही एसिडिटी व गैस बढ़ जाती है। इस पर हम योगा में उन्हें कौन से आसान बता सकते है। ताकि भविष्य में नाभि अपनी जगह से न हिले.
    हरि ॐ


  2. Prashant ji,It is hope against hopelessness and love against Hatred for life.That lady had lost purpose to eat due to her gall bladder lost. It’s the Compassion in you that made her believe in herself. The Nadi shodan aligned her Physical self with her Astral self. Even tho the surgical sutures are done The Energy sutures were Open and that was completely closed by your Magic thro Yoga ! –


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