Yogic journey of Mr. Paul

images-7I am sharing a feedback cum an experience of Mr. Paul who is a 78 years old gentleman, lives in UK. At one time he suffered from a severe disease. Through the intense treatment and surgery he recovered but found himself in a very weak and dependable state. With his weak physical & mental state, he came to India to spend few months here as it was too cold in UK for him. He came to my Yoga class and discussed about his overall state. When I heard and saw his state, at one point I was not sure how long the Yogic practices will take to bring him in a comfortable state. But most of the time it happens that when a person is honest, sincere and has willingness to come out from suffering, Yoga helps a lot to such people very effectively in such a way that the person can see the glimpse and feeling to become healthy. With that light and hope which is true and real, Yoga becomes a part of their life.

The first time I saw him practising Yoga, he was not able to do the practices in a group class. So he gave up and sat on the chair. His state was such that he was unable to stand up without help if he sat down on the floor. His mental state was also the reflection of his physical state. But few days of Yogic practices took him in a different plane where not only can he now do most of the practices in group class, but we can see a satisfying smile on his face as and when there is a light talk to smile and laugh.

One day after the class, he invited me for a tea and during that time I had the thought to request him to tell his story of the Journey of Yoga. I recorded his statement, and with his permission, I am publishing it in this blog so that it can help many people who have lost the hope to become healthy.

So here is what Mr. Paul went through. If you find it appropriate to share with your friends and relatives, please feel free to do so, because who knows a positive and motivating experience of someone can become a light for many.

I’d heard and read about Yoga and Meditation, and what it can and can’t do. But I never ever came to believe that it could change my life or anybody’s life. So it was delayed and delayed until I happened to meet a friend who by chance came and saw a book that was given to me by a priest. During my conversations with the Catholic priest in the school, I used to express to him my doubts, my fears about the future, about the present, my insecurities and uncertainties of my life. He told me that I have to stop worrying and start living, and gave me a book. I accepted the book, but didn’t believe what he said. In my mind, I said “What a silly man. How can a book change a man’s life?” So the book stayed on my desk, until this friend of mine came and he was pleasantly surprised that I had read that book. He said “You know, I have read this book ten times and this book has changed my life.” And that was an eye-opener to me. I have been well-phrased with Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda and unknowingly, it has helped me through my strife, ill-health and my grief. But I never could put it as a tool, as a survival kit, until I came to a place called Koregaon Park in Pune, India, and a place called Dario’s where I, by chance, was introduced to the Yoga teacher, Mr. Prashant Pandey, via a friend, who was living here and had joined his classes and recommended them to me by chance. It was, initially, to be together with that lady who had recommended me the classes and spend some time with them, but as we gradually entered into this something started changing. My back used to pain, my concentration was poor, my whole thinking was muddled in some places, I used to seem to search for things but I didn’t know what I was searching for. And these Satsangs, if you call it, or sessions, or meditation, or classes, started having some influence. There was this resistance at the beginning – pushes and pulls – my comfort zone would take me back and my other side would say “No, no, no, let’s try this at least.” And during this, Mr. Pandey was very sympathetic and he agreed to take one-on-one classes at much reduced price than he would normally charge – and we should remain grateful to him for that – and then he gave his personal time to talk. And now I feel that my journey has begun and how it will transform me will depend on tomorrow. But at the moment, I am standing on crossroads, hoping that something positive will come.








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