jh-logo2588img_0385YES, when I heard this word, it was a new word for me too, which indicates one of the creative aspect. Yogathon took place in Jehangir Hospital, Pune, on 26th January 2017, before Flag Hoisting. In the management meeting for the preparation of 26th January, the members decided that Marathon was organised every year, why not Yoga this year! They named it ‘YOGATHON’.

On the morning of 26th, whole management group and staff gathered, & practiced Yoga. All the participants went through the sessions of Asanas, Pranayamas, Relaxation and Meditation and experienced a refreshed & rejuvenated state.

It was a wonderful initiative to do Yoga, experience a calm state and then do the Flag Hoisting. Usually many people relate Yoga with physical exercise because they are shown and taught in this way. But the real purpose of Yoga is to purify the mind, balance the emotions so that we can become aware of our existence and the real purpose of the life in order to experience fulfilment and gratitude. The process of Yoga starts with the body and goes to the mind. We can also say that it is a journey from Hatha Yoga to Raja Yoga. 

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2 thoughts on “Yogathon

  1. What a fantastic initiative. Congratulations for organising the yogathon. May yoga continue to flourish and go from strength to strength.


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