My experiences with Jehangir Hospital, Pune

jh-logo2588On the occasion of 72nd Founder’s Day of Jehangir Hospital, I’m starting to pen down my personal experiences as a Yoga Teacher, Therapist & Consultant at Jehangir Hospital, with the In-patients and the  Staff of JH. This will come in series as and when I experience something new and inspiring, which may help others also.
In our profession, when we interact with a person, we can understand  the person to quite an extent- on physical appearance, his/her mental state,  emotional state and then knowledge of Ayurveda helps a lot to decode the inherent prakriti (nature) of the person.  When we meet an individual , have respect for him/her, with the ability to live in the present moment, we connect to the person instantly.
I want to narrate an incident which shows how Yogic Relaxation helps a person in need. This instance occurred when I  visited Gynecology ward on 3rd floor on my daily visits. This young lady had delivered her baby 2 days back through C-section. Her son would sleep as soon as she started to feed him, and she was all confused that even after 20mins of feed, why was her baby crying so much? The baby had cried the whole previous night and the mother couldn’t sleep. I told her to fix the time for feed (10mins) and the time-gap between 2 feeds (at least 2 hours). I asked her to be very attentive while feeding the baby, keep patting or rub gently on baby’s arm so that he doesn’t fall asleep and takes his feed properly. If she felt that the feed was not satisfactory for her baby, after withdrawing from herself, immediately feed the milk provided by the hospital. When the baby’s stomach is full, he’ll sleep peacefully.
Then, I gave her a full Yogic relaxation, with deep breaths counting. After finishing I asked her to feed her baby. She and her mother-in-law followed, and the baby slept so quietly as if he never cried. She was very relieved and was thankful.
 Now, how does relaxation works?
As soon as the awareness starts following  its own breath or body parts, it withdraws itself from every superficial experience, recollects the self energy and distributes it evenly into different layers of an individual in a positive form. Therefore, after each relaxation session, a person feels fresh, energised and focussed. This is a technique which helps new mothers in properly feeding too, as relaxation allows the newly active mammary glands to function at their best.

Ruchira Pandey

Yoga Teacher, Therapist & Consultant


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