congratulationsFirst of all, I would like to congratulate Indian Cricket team for the superb victory against England which brought confidence in the team and made all of us proud.

The partnership between Skipper Virat Kohli and Kedar Jadhav was worth seeing. Virat Kohli again made all of us realize and also the opponent team of his determined attitude. On the other side, when I was watching the game of Kedar Jadhav, time to time while watching him play, I was remembering the memorable time spent with him, when he was a doing Yoga with his Maharashtra Ranji Trophy team mates and I was the Yoga Teacher of Maharashtra Ranji Trophy Cricket Team. I would like to share few memories which are interesting as well as inspiring.

I was the Yoga Teacher of Mr. Ajay Shirke, who was the Chairman of Maharashtra Cricket Association and I used to go to watch the matches of our Maharashtra team. One day, when I was watching the match, and at the same time, explaining the importance of Yoga Nidra to one of the committee members of Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA). He suddenly requested me that soon it would be lunchtime, players will have some time, why don’t you give one small Yoga Nidra session to them. I accepted and they all went through Yoga Nidra session. After the session their feedbacks were motivating. From there, my journey of Yoga Teaching started with MCA.

One day, when I was watching a friendly match, I saw one batsman was performing wonderfully well, he hit 6 sixes in 6 balls. The way he was batting, appealed me a lot and in the evening I mentioned it to Mr. Ajay Shirke that this player has something special. He told me the name of that player, he was Kedar Jadhav.

When I started official Yoga session, Kedar Jadhav was one of the best and sincere practitioner of Yoga. I remember when he used to come to me, and ask “what to do Sir, since long time I am not able to complete the century. Sometimes, I am out on 99, sometimes 95, what to do!”

I found the solution in Yoga Nidra practice. If you (Reader) have done Yoga Nidra ever, then you must be aware of one of the aspect called visualization in Yoga Nidra. Myself and my wife Ruchira, discussed a lot on how to make yoga Nidra effective for the players and the team. Finally we prepared Yoga Nidra with specific visualization practices. We prepared the visualization practice for the batsmen and bowlers separately, in which the batsmen used to do batting and the bowlers used to do bowling in Yoga Nidra visualization process.

I explained the players about the concept of doing Yoga Nidra properly and rectifying their weaknesses in subconscious mind, then they needed less effort through conscious mind, as subconscious mind is the powerful and the obedient mind. I am happy to share that this project was a successful one. Players used to play cricket in Yoga Nidra visualization and they noticed minute details also. When I asked for the feedback, one of the batsmen told me that he saw Pravin Kumar bowling in his visualization. When I asked the reason why he saw Pravin Kumar, he mentioned that he found it difficult to compete with Pravin Kumar due to his ability to swing the balls. And like that different players had different experiences in Yoga Nidra. So in this way the Yoga Nidra practices were going on and gave a very deep, positive and creative impact on their minds.

Yesterday when Kedar Yadav was at 93 runs, just 7 runs short for a remarkable century, memories came flashing by which I shared with my wife, Ruchira, about when Kedar Yadav used to be sceptical about scoring a century and I told my wife to see whether today he is able to complete the century or not…AND HE DID. 🙂




7 thoughts on “Congratulations!

  1. Wow!! Mausaji, this article shows power of Yoga and inspires me to practice Yoga Nidra.. congratulations to team India and to you!! 🙂


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