Yoga Nidra – A boon of Bihar Yoga

YogaNidra_VickiHansen Yoga Nidra is one of the easiest practice done in Savasana (lying posture), which can be widely applied in the modern world to improve the quality and happiness of human life.
• Yoga Nidra is the best and most permanent method of inducing deep relaxation of the entire human structure and personality.
• It is a meditative technique which acts directly in eradicating deep rooted psychological complexes, neurosis, inhibitions, etc. It is an advanced psychiatric tool.
• Yoga Nidra induces and improves pattern of sleep. It is a non-chemical tranquilizer that quickly removes insomnia.
• Yoga Nidra opens up the potential of the mind and also awakens the faculty of intuition.
• Physio-psychological rejuvenation of the entire human organism can be brought about by Yoga Nidra.


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