Spreading Dimesions & Awareness of Yoga

As the time is passing, I am observing that Yoga in Jehangir Hospital, Pune is becoming more relevant. New aspects and dimensions are appearing in which I see that in those situations Yoga has an appropriate answer.

I am starting a series of blogs to share my experiences in Hospital with In-Patients & Staff while taking their Yoga sessions. Through these shares, people will images94CB4AC7become aware of many aspects and dimensions where Yoga is playing a revolutionary role. Recently, I went to take Relaxation session on 6th floor in Hospital, when I noticed a patient walking here and there in the corridor. I recognised him as an Inpatient because of his uniform. I felt him anxious. I went to him, introduced myself and insisted him to do the relaxation session. He said- “I can do the relaxation practice but have to go at 2 PM for Angioplasty”.  

He came in his room and we started the Yoga session. As I sensed his physical state, we started the practice with Abdominal Breathing in lying position. Abdominal breathing is a very effective practice which calms down the para sympathetic nervous system. After few minutes of Abdominal breathing, Yoga session gently shifted in Yoga Nidra, a practice of relaxation.

After 10 to 15 minutes of Yogic practices, when that gentleman opened his eyes, he was a different person. He was now very relaxed and calm. When I ask, how he felt after relaxation,  He said – “Before Yoga session, I was worried due to Angioplasty which was scheduled at 2 PM. I was waiting anxiously for 2 PM. But now I am relaxed. I am not worrying about anything rather I have left everything in the hands of God.”

While listening to his compliments, I saw a very genuine smile on his face.



Prashant Pandey

Yoga Therapist & Consultant

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