Demonetisation – From A Citizen’s Perspective

Since 8th November 2016, after the announcement of demonetisation decision by the Government – conflicts, debate, discussion and arguments are taking place all over the country. Till now, 2 groups are seen dominantly in all the sectors, be on political ground, media, newspaper, society or even in the families. One group is in favour of the decision and other group is opposing. Slowly, our opinions are becoming stiffer and restricted because of arguments and ego clashes. Consciously or unconsciously, we are identifying more with either pro-BJP or anti-BJP. BUT among all this, one point is missing in a very genuine form and i.e. “Our Country”.

We are so busy and indulged to prove our opinion right and victorious that we are not realizing how much our country is suffering in this conflict. There is no work happening in the Parliament, Media is being divided in two groups and broadcasting the news. Even conflicts are coming in the families if they are divided in the opinion poll of demonetization. On the other side, a handful of people are trying to take advantage of this situation by diverting the currency.

Recently, I saw a movie “Sully”. It’s a nice movie based on a true incident in which the birds attacked and destroyed both the engines of the plane soon after taking off the flight. With the experience, the pilot took the decision for an emergency landing on the river when he saw that it is necessary to do in order to save 158 passengers and eventually he saved all the passengers. But after that, enquiry and investigation started against the pilot by Insurance and the flight companies. In the final investigation meeting, simulators were used with almost the same panic situation and found that the safest way to take an emergency landing was on river otherwise it could have been very fatal.

Almost same situation has come in front of us. Now it is useless and irrelevant to debate and go for the blame game. The time has passed. The arrow is shot. Demonetization decision is taken.

If we feel that we are sincere citizens and want the progress of our country then now is the time to think what will happen if the Government reversed back the decision of demonetization due to any pressure or protest!

Will this reversal process help the country?

For some time, lets imagine, all the opposition parties come on one platform and support the decision with the wisdom that if it is reversed, it will destabilize the country’s economy very badly, so from here, lets support the decision only for the sake of nation and make it success. We will catch the Government on some other ground. 🙂

What will happen if all the parties supports the decision!!!

If the Government, media, and the opposition party appeal to make this decision success, can it change the mentality and attitude of people who are in the queue!

I know, it’s not possible. Not possible at all! Because it is the impossible for the mass ego to change the thinking. This kind of change is possible only by working on our individual ego.

That’s why now the decision to support or oppose has come in the hands of each and every citizen and individual. If we find that this decision is useless and not going to help the nation at all in a long run than all the media, political parties and ourselves should think what could be the alternative if the decision is reversed back!

In this scenario, now we should not talk only on the negative side but we should discuss on other options that if this step is not successful then what could be the solutions and alternative to save the economy of our country. We should also apply a parameter to check our state that if this step is not successful, will I be happy because the Government has failed or will I be worried because the country’s economy will suffer!

But if we feel that this decision is not completely useless and irrelevant and it is not merely taken for political gain but it is taken with the confidence of Reserve Bank of India to strengthen the economy in long run and will serve its purpose in order to weaken the activities of terrorism, to throw out fake currency out of the system, make the banks more strong to be able to lend the money etc. If we find that even with some difficulties and practical problem this decision can be implemented, to help the nation, then certainly we should support and give a chance to this step.



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