Importance of Hatha Yoga

Q: – Why should one practice Hatha Yoga?Master_Sivananda

Swami Sivananda: Yoga is a perfectly practical system of self-culture. One attains harmonious development of the body, mind, intellect and soul by practising Yoga. It is an exact science. It is the system of yogic exercises used by Indian Rishis and Yogic of yore, based on exact principles. It imparts definite, practical knowledge of the means to enjoy fine health, longevity, strength, vim and vitality. Yoga will help one to attain ethical perfection and perfect concentration of the mind, and to unfold various psychic powers. Yoga brings a message of hope to the forlorn, joy to the depressed, strength to the weak and knowledge to the ignorant. Yoga is the secret master key that unlocks the realm and Elysian bliss and deep abiding peace.

The Yogi has the ability to laugh heartily, and he radiates joy, strength and vigour. He always accomplishes him aims, succeeding in all his attempts. He looks very young even at the age of sixty. He is endowed with a peculiar glow in his face and eyes and possesses a peculiar charm in smile.

Health is one’s birth right, not disease; strength is one’s heritage, not weakness; efficiency, not inefficiency; courage, not fear; bliss, not sorrow; peace, not restlessness; knowledge, not ignorance; immortality, not mortality.

Attain good health! Without health, how can one live? Without health, how can one earn? Without health how can one success in Yoga or any undertaking? Possess wonderful health through the practice of Hatha Yoga. Attain this birth right or divine heritage and shine as a fully developed Yogi radiating joy, peace, bliss and knowledge everywhere.


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