‘Patient First’ project in Jehangir Hospital, Pune

Jehangir Hospital, Pune is one of the first Nursing setup in the city, with 70 years of serving the society. This Hospital offers quality patient care, excellent medical care, effective nursing care and a humane approach in rendering patient care.

Jehangir Hospital (JH) has always emphasized on quality care. In regard to this, the wonderful project of “Patient First” began, as per the Vision and guidelines of Sir Jehangir & Lady Jehangir! The project is taking a concrete shape with the whole Hospital Staffs’ efforts and everyone playing their part very efficiently. “Patient First” has proudly finished one year of consistent movement.

Yoganidra is one of the most important part of the project “Patient First”. We (Prashant and Ruchira) have been given the responsibility of taking charge of Yoganidra and other deeper subconscious aspects.  We are constantly working on it, as each day passes by. When Yoganidra started for the STAFF in JH, we concentrated more on letting the participants experience the practice – simply going with the instructions, understanding the language and just getting used to following the voice of the instructor. This first phase of Yoganidra brought wonderful results among the practitioners. Their Head -In-charges started reporting about improved working efficiency, much better coordination amongst the staff, reduction in irritation among colleagues, and raised discipline.

In the second phase, with the help of Quality and HR team headed by Dr. Shalaka Sawant and Mr. Akesh Agrey respectively, the staff was shown a visual video clip of the expected activity in relation to the patients maintaining the right attitude, coordination and proper patient care. After the visual clip observation, the group went for Yoganidra and were given the same scene visualisation. This again produced good results (The staff is constantly given practice-drill in the Hospital, time-to-time by the Quality and HR team on Conscious level. Yoganidra works & help them on Subconscious feed and Unconscious improvements).

Now, in the third phase, we have started working on Noise Reduction at subconscious level. This we are doing in 2 stages: First, before the session begins, we explain the specific kind of practice they would do- the importance and necessity of Low Noise. Second, they are given the practical session of Yoganidra.

During Yoganidra, we use and give different inputs of Breath Awareness, Colours, Shapes, Forming of Mandalas, experiencing calmness, peaceful, serene in their respective work area, in between family members, amongst colleagues, in a quiet beautiful garden, by seaside/riverside, and many more.

It’s noticeable that now the practitioners are mostly awake & aware during the whole practice, as compared to sometime back when most of them fell asleep. The Staff enjoy coming for Yoganidra sessions. We make sure to tell them a few Asanas too, which they can follow at home without any difficulty.

We also cover In-patients from all various wards of Jehangir Hospital. In-patients are given relaxation practice on their respective beds without disturbing their space and comfort level. We council them on their daily practices, Right & Positive attitude awareness, and correct lifestyle with proper diet. We suggest In-patients according to their constitution, the medical issue they are facing and selection of things as per their nature.

We feel privileged to be a part of the project “Patient First” which has the philosophy and practical implementation for helping people and society.

Thank You.


Ruchira Pandey

(Yoga Therapist)