6 conditions for success in Yoga Vidya

As per the “Shiva-Samhita”, one of the three major treatises on Hatha Yoga, says about the 6 conditions for success in Yoga Vidya :-

  1. Firm Belief in ‘Vidya’ (Teachings).
  2. Faith in it.
  3. Respect towards Guru (Master).images-19
  4. Spirit of universal quality.
  5. Restraint of the organs of senses.
  6. Moderate eating.

There is no 7th condition.

Health Management Portfolio for Hotels & Spa

Hotel industry is a place where the management aims to provide the best services to the guest, who comes to stay in the hotel. According to the capacity and services, hotels are rated 5 star, 4 star and so forth. The hotel management provides their best services to the guests to keep up their hotel’s reputation high in order to maintain, establish and improve their business. When the guests are treated well, they (guests) feel happy and satisfied, come again to the same hotel as and when required.

According to me, the services provided by the management of hotels, is mostly for physical comfort of the guests, which definitely gives mental satisfaction but satisfaction is on a superficial level which does not bring any major or lasting change from within.

If the services given by the hotel management, include few important aspects, it will not only bring about physical satisfaction but also mental and emotional satisfaction within the guest. The guest will experience a positive change within themselves and their stay in the hotel will bring to their life a different perspective which will give a glimpse of moving towards positivity and good health. If we see from psychological perspective, then, the guest or the group will always give their choice to the same hotel as and when required because the higher level of satisfaction took place in their mind in the premises of that hotel.

Keeping these aspects in mind, I have developed a program called HEALTH MANAGEMENT PORTFOLIO (HMP). The objective of this program is to understand the nature and personality trait of a person through Astrology and plan a suitable and personalized Yoga program for him by keeping every observation in mind.

In most of us, there is a tendency that when we report about our health, we usually talk only about physical discomfort or illnesses. Mostly, people try to avoid or hide to discuss about their mental framework and conditionings. Many of us are even totally unaware about the emotional injuries which Yogis have found the root cause for many disease.

These type of limitations can be overcome smoothly by HEALTH MANAGEMENT PORTFOLIO (HMP). A beautiful and the convenient part of this program is, that all the important aspects of one’s personality can be known without much discussion and accordingly a very specific Yoga program can be constructed for the individual. A proper Yoga practice is that when we work on the subtle aspect of our nature.

This Health Management Portfolio is applicable most effectively where one to one Yoga session is possible. I see an opportunity for hotel industry to improve their connectivity with the guests by offering HMP program. I’m sure, Health Management Portfolio is going to play a very important role in achieving the inner strength and good health for your guests.


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