Yoga Project in Jehangir Hospital, Pune

images (11)When the TIME decides to change its course, it takes a complete U-turn!

Jehangir Hospital of Pune happens to be one of the oldest and reputed medical set up of nursing home in Poona which started in 1946 by Sir Cowasji Jehangir.

Prashant had built-up a strong bond with Lady Jehangir and Sir Jehangir, as he takes Bihar Yoga sessions for them. One fine day, he put up this thought of conducting Yoga sessions for the In-patients and the Hospital staff in Jehangir Hospital. They liked this initiative. It took almost 2 years to execute this project with all the logistics on paper.

For these 2 years, we all were constantly working on how to move with YOGA in Hospital, as for us too, it was the very first time. Before, we had successfully conducted Yoga sessions for Indian Army, Indian Railways, Maharashtra Cricket Association, amongst Children, Ladies, IT sectors etc., but in a Hospital, one thing is of utmost concern that the In-patients cannot leave their bed. So, a short session of YOGA which would allow them to still be on their bed, without disturbing their space, yet something which would help them experience a very peaceful mental and physical state within a short time. With discussions, the concept of YOGA & RELAXATION came in. Lady Jehangir & Sir Jehangir were already practising it with Prashant and they immediately agreed on it.

In the month of April 2015, the YOGA project was introduced by the Honourable Jehangirs’ (one of the most humble couple we have met), Prashant being the YOGA COUNSELLOR & TEACHER.

On one hand, Prashant was covering the In-patients of Oncology (Chemotherapy), Nephroplus (Dialysis unit), MICU, NICU, CCU, General Wards etc., and on the other hand, Hospital staff, which consisted of groups of Housekeeping, Nursing, Front Office, Back Office, Catering (F&B), Administrative Staff (Blood Bank, HR etc.) and HOD’s.

After a while, when response started to come, it was overwhelming. All the people practising YOGA in the Hospital started to notice changes in either their physical condition, mental condition (less irritated, dealing of matters with calm etc.), OR even at the level of thoughts. {YOGA has a tremendous power to reverse your thoughts from negative to positive}. Slowly, all the staff started helping this project-either on the action level (like the Nurses, Sisters would quieten everyone around when the Yoganidra was given in ward) or Silently (if some patient was in the middle of the Yoga session, the housekeeping staff patiently waited outside to take the patient for a test, X-ray or scan).

The enthusiasm In-patients show towards Yoga relaxation session is outstanding. They are experiencing tremendous change in their work area as well as family & personal lives which reflect on their faces too. Many patients have build-up a special bonding with us and their faces glow as they see us.

While the whole program was moving smoothly in Jehangir Hospital, Prashant had to go to Bihar School of Yoga, Munger for some important work. Prashant told Sir Jehangir about the situation and he immediately got hold of the situation, and suddenly, I came to know that I had to continue with this project which was certainly a delightful moment for me.

Until now I was helping the project from background. Within 2 days, I got my ID, went through a short but very useful orientation with Mr. Akesh Agrey (HR Head), and my journey into hospital started. Prashant came back and meanwhile, I had an extremely remarkable experience working with Jehangir Hospital.

This whole project of YOGA in Jehangir Hospital comes under the concept of “PATIENT FIRST”, which is a very wise Vision & Dream of Sir Jehangir. As the name suggests, the Wellness, Care & Safety of the Patient comes first. I was totally amazed to hear the kind of depth of Sir & Lady Jehangirs’ thoughts for their patients who get admitted. The whole hospital has come together to fulfil this initiative of “Patient First”. It collectively works on

  • Reduced Noise Levels
  • Happiness Factor
  • Yoga Nidra (Total Well-Being)
  • Improved Communication.

Now YOGA has entered its 2nd phase in Jehangir Hospital. We want everyone to know that, this YOGA project is one of its kind, and Jehangir Hospital is the first Hospital to sponsor such a project in Pune. It is a great honour and privilege to become the instrument in operating this project with the hope that it will keep growing constantly and the thought continuously ringing with the prayer to Our Guru and The Almighty to make us the medium of help to as many as is possible.

Blog written by Mrs. Ruchira Pandey