Concentration – A Quality of Mind

SwamiNiranjan_000A concentrated mind is a powerful mind and a dissipated mind is a weak mind. In order to develop mental power you must first develop a concentrated mind. If the thoughts are scattered, they can be brought into concentrated focus by specific concentration practices. Then your mind will become so powerful that you can influence the minds of others. You can influence your character, your health, your whole life. If you have a stomach disorder, mental disorder, breathing disorder, you can remove it by willpower alone. How can you develop willpower? The secret is to concentrate the mind on one point.

What is meant by strong mind? A strong mind is one which can carry out its own decisions. In contrast, a weak mind is one which decides one thing but does another. From tomorrow I am going to do this or that but when tomorrow comes you forget everything. You are still the same because your mind is dissipated. All the great man about whom you have read in history, whether artists, writers, musicians, politicians, statesman, military leaders, scientists or saints, achieve greatness because of the quality of their mind. They did not become great by a freak of nature or a stroke of luck. They became great due to their mind. They each had a concentrated and hence a gifted mind.

If you want to do something or become something in your life, the quality of your mind has to be improved. If you have a low quality of mind then your performance in all spheres will be poor. If the quality of mind is high then your performance will be correspondingly great. To develop higher quality of mind, you will have to analyze yourself and your aims, and you will have to give some time to the practice of concentration in the morning and evening.

Extracted from “Dharna Darshan” by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati


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