Guru Purnima

The full moon day in the month of Ashad (Jul/Aug) is the extremely auspicious and holy day of Guru Purnima. The period Chaturmas, the ‘four months’ begins from this day, sacred to the memory of the great sage, Bhagavan Sri Vyasa who composed Brahma Sutras.

The Supreme Self alone is the real. He is the soul of all. He is all-in-all. He is the essence of this universe. He is the unity that never admits of a duality under all the varieties and diversities of nature. You are this immortal, all-pervading, all-blissful self. Realize this and be free.

Mark fully the deep significance of this great day. It heralds the setting in of the eagerly awaited rains. The water drawn up and stored as clouds in the hot summer months now manifests in plentiful showers that usher in the advent of fresh life everywhere. Even so, all begin seriously to put into actual practice all the theory and philosophy that has been stored up in them through patient study. Aspirants commence or resolve to intensify with all earnestness their practical spiritual sadhana right from this day.

It is through the medium of the guru that the individual can raise himself to Cosmic Consciousness. The guru is verily the link between the individual and the Immortal. He is being who has raised himself from ‘this’ to ‘That’, and thus has a free and unhampered access to both the realms. He stands as it were on the threshold of immortality and, bending down, he raises the struggling individuals with his one hand, and with the other lifts them up to the kingdom of everlasting joy and infinite Truth-Consciousness.

Make a fresh resolve on this holy day to tread the spiritual path in accordance with the precepts of your guru. The best form of worship of the guru is to follow his teachings and to shine as the embodiment of his teachings.

-Swami Sivananda Saraswati



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