Hatha Yoga – A Divine Blessing

Hatha yoga is a divine blessing for attaining success in any field. The body and mind are instruments which the practice of hatha yoga keeps sound, strong and full of energy. It is a unique armour of defence to battle the opposing forces in the material and spiritual fields. The hatha yogi seeks to have a body which is as strong as steel, healthy, free from suffering and therefore, long-lived. The master of the body is the master of both life and death. His lustrous form enjoys the vitality of youth.

By the practices of hatha yoga a perfect body, which is a fit instrument for the mind, can be achieved. A perfect mind develops, and in Samadhi passes into pure consciousness itself. With hatha yoga one can combat diseases of the body and mind and attain radiant health and God-realization. By the practice of hatha yoga, one can become a spiritual hero, full of physical, mental and spiritual strength.

Swami Sivananda Saraswati



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